Maps and Subdivisions

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Map and Subdivision Applications and Fees

Below are applications for new subdivisions and parcel modifications proposed in all zoning districts.

All Planning permits require a completed application form with the property owner(s) original signature, a fee payment, and required submittal materials in order to be accepted at the Public Counter. Prior to submitting an application, please consult with a Planner to determine the requirements for your project at the Public Counter, by phone at (818) 238-5250, or by email at

Based on the type of application, a Project Sign may be required to be posted on-site during the review process. Upon determination of application completeness, the Project Planner will provide the sign details for your application.





Certificate of Compliance

(Estimated Review Time: Up to 6 months)

  • $967.91 Fee
  • $250.00 Mail
  • $240.00 Notice
  • $1,457.91 Total
      Please contact us.

 Lot Line Adjustment (LLA)

(Estimated Review Time: Up to 6 months)


 Parcel Map (PM)

(Estimated Review Time: Varies on Project Scope)

 $4,544.47 plus

$54.11 per lot


Reversion to Acreage

 $5,109       Please contact us.

Tentative Tract Maps (TTM)

(Estimated Review Time: Varies on Project Scope)

      Required for all TTMs:
 Condo Map   $11,326.97 plus $54.11 per unit
 Land Subdivision  $11,326.97 plus $54.11 per unit

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