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Information about Current Projects and Applications

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Active Planning Projects

How to File an Appeal of a Project Decision

Appeals must be filed within the time limits specified by the Burbank Municipal Code. Please refer to the Application Forms webpage to obtain an Appeal form.

Current Planning

“Current Planning” activities involve handling development proposals within Burbank that have been submitted to the City for review and approval, as well as on-going public inquiries regarding City development standards and land use. The key responsibilities of Current Planning staff include:

  • Providing assistance at the public counter, over the telephone, or via e-mail
  • Evaluating Planning applications for land development or changes in land use
  • Review proposals for residential, commercial, office, and industrial development projects for compliance with City policies
  • Implementing the regulations of the Zoning Code (Title 10 of the Burbank Municipal Code)
  • Implementing the goals, policies, and objectives of the General Plan and other adopted plans.Recommend changes as needed.
  • Coordinating internal review of Planning applications with other City departments (such as Development Review, Single-Family Special Development Permits, etc.)
  • Conduct environmental review of projects for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Review and approve applications not subject to discretionary review by the Planning Board or City Council
  • Review project proposals and make recommendations to the Planning Board and City Council on discretionary applications
  • Conducting site inspections in conjunction with finalizing building permits for development projects involving Planning applications
  • Plan check every building permit for consistency with zoning requirements.
  • Enforcement of the zoning ordinance by working with Code Enforcement staff
  • Partnering with the residents and businesses by providing an open and transparent planning process with an emphasis on citizen involvement and participation:
  • Meeting notices
  • Meeting advertisements
  • Community meetings and workshops
  • On-line engagement tools
  • Responses to telephone and emails expressing citizen opinion
  • Assist applicants with Code interpretation for both small and large projects at the counter, by phone, and in response to e-mail
  • Provide staff support and schedule meetings for the Planning Board
  • Professional and technical advisor to the Planning Board and City Council on matters concerning the physical development of the City
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