Historic Signs

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Historic Signs

In Burbank, a few highly recognizable historic signs have become unofficial, yet distinct, symbols of the community. 

In many areas of the city, signs are all that remain of original commercial structures, as the buildings or businesses they advertised have been altered significantly or demolished.  This most recently occurred when the old Papoos Hot Dog Show at 4300 Riverside Drive was converted to an Umami Burger.  In this case, staff worked with the new property owners to find a way to maintain and restore a limited amount of the appearance of the signage at the site. This experience helped staff realize that it is important to catalog historic signage and develop an ordinance that would provide incentives to property owners to preserve their historic signage.

Staff is currently working  to develop a historic sign preservation ordinance.  The ordinance would incentivize the designation of historic signs to encourage property owners to preserve them. An ordinance would also help staff to better assist property owners by clearly establishing procedures for preservation, resulting in less confusion and uncertainty for all parties.  Pending City Council direction, staff anticipates that an ordinance will be presented to the City Council for consideration in the next several months.  

A Historic Sign Survey has been completed and is available here for review.

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