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 SLS - Modative

9/23/14 - Thank you to everyone who attended our Community Meeting on September 16th. We had a good turnout! If you were unable to attend the meeting, a copy of the Powerpoint presentation is available by clicking the image below:

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8/1/2014 - The Public Review Draft is now available by clicking here.

What is a Small Lot Subdivision?

Essentially, small lot subdivisions are detached single-family homes that are built on multi-family zoned properties. Small lot subdivisions would not be allowed in single-family zoned areas. The homes in a small lot subdivision must all have separate foundations and walls, and each home sits on its own private lot. The lot sizes may be much smaller than those of a regular single family home. 

Aren't these like condominiums or townhomes?

Yes and no. In some ways, small lot subdivisions resemble townhomes. However, townhomes and condominiums usually share walls and/or foundations. Also, when you buy a condominium or townhome, you usually do not own the land underneath your home, as you do with a traditional single family home (you only own the "air rights"). With a small lot subdivision home, you own both the structure and the land it sits on. This is called fee-simple housing. Typically, there are no homeowners' associations involved with a small lot subdivision, making them more like a traditional single family home. However, there may be a small maintenance association that would care for any common drive aisles, trash collection area, etc.

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Do we have any examples of Small Lot Subdivisions in Burbank already?

We do have some existing residences that are very similar to small lot subdivisions. For example, there is at least one existing bungalow court In Burbank where each bungalow is already on a separate lot, and each detached home may be bought and sold separately. A small lot subdivision ordinance may allow for similar homes to be converted from rental units into small owner-occupied homes instead of being torn down, helping to preserve existing neighborhood character.

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Do other cities allow Small Lot Subdivisions?

Some do.  For example, the City of Los Angeles has developed an ordinance and guidelines for small lot subdivisions. Other cities, such as Glendale, are studying small lot subdivisions and have prepared a staff report related to their research, but have not yet written guidelines or ordinances for them.

Where are we now in the process?

Most recently, Planning staff was researching ordinances and guidelines for small lot subdivisions. When directed by City Council, staff will continue preparing a draft ordinance. At such time when work continues, staff will begin to set up meetings with various organizations, community groups, and City departments to receive feedback on the draft ordinance. Afterward, we'll then hold a Community Meeting where the public will be able to give us their ideas and input.  

For more information on small lot subdivisions, please contact Planning staff at (818) 238-5250.



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