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Automated Collection of Solid Waste, Recycling, and Waste - Why Automated?
Automated collection is a faster, safer service that requires fewer workers and vehicles than the hand-loading of solid waste, green waste, and recyclables. Since 1992, this program has been an important part of Burbank's successful waste reduction efforts as required by California Assembly Bill 939. Why City Containers? Automated vehicles can only pick up City-provided containers. All single-family residences and multi-family residences of four units or fewer receive three sturdy but lightweight City containers: Blue for recycling Green for green waste Black for refuse. Blue, green, and black containers come in three sizes:  32-gallon, 64-gallon, and 96-gallon. Residents who use the 32-gallon refuse container can pay a reduced refuse rate. Call (818) 238-3800 for details. If you need to dispose of old trash cans, please call (818) 238-3805.

Why These Containers?
The containers are strong, well-balanced, and not easily turned over by wind or animals. Made, in part, of plastic recycled by Burbank residents, the containers won't corrode, deteriorate, or rust. They have: a life expectancy of 10-14 years an imprinted serial number hinged, tight-fitting lids a convenient handle wheels for easy maneuverability Additional Containers If you need an additional or a different size container for refuse, recycling, or green waste, call (818) 238-3800.

Single-Family Residential Collection
All three containers will be picked up on the same day, your regular collection day, but not at the same time. They are all collected by the same type of vehicle. Recycling and green waste trucks may arrive before or after the regular refuse collection vehicle.  Please note - automated trucks need arm room!  The truck's hydraulic arm needs a minimum clearance of three feet from all objects such as parked cars, trees, and lampposts so that it has room to reach out and grasp the container. Without that clearance, your containers cannot be emptied. Lids must be closed. Containers can accommodate no more than 200 pounds. Please do not overload containers. When setting out containers for collection, place them side by side in the street, or, if necessary, in front of your driveway. The Burbank Municipal Code asks that containers are set out by 6 a.m. on collection day and removed within 12 hours after they are emptied. Allow at least one foot of space between the containers and at least three feet between containers and parked cars, mail boxes, fences, or other objects. Without the three feet clearance, your containers cannot be emptied. Face all containers in the same direction, with the arrow on the lids pointing to the center of the street. The wheels and handle will be near the curb. Set the black solid waste container out for pickup every week; however, if possible, please do not set out half-full recycling or green waste containers. Collecting full loads maximizes City forces and equipment. Lids must be closed; do not place objects on top of the lid. Unless otherwise notified, all containers will be picked up at the curb (most Burbank alleys are not wide enough for the safe operation of automated trucks).

Collection Services
Collection service operates weekdays, Monday through Friday, and all holidays. If your container is damaged, please call (818) 238-3800. Report stolen containers to the Burbank Police at (818) 238-3000. Containers will be replaced free of charge providing the loss or damage is not the result of resident negligence. If the loss or damage is the resident's responsibility, there will be a replacement charge. If you move, please leave the containers at the residence.

Extra Pickups
For most residents, the 64-gallon containers are adequate. If occasionally you have more trash than will fit in your black solid waste container, call (818) 238-3800. You may receive an extra pickup for a minimal charge.

Multi-Family Recycling
For apartments and condominiums with more than four units, a specifically designed recycling collection program is offered. For information about solid waste or green waste collection in multi-family buildings, please call (818) 238-3800. For apartment/condo recycling, call the Burbank Recycle Center at (818) 238-3900. There is no extra charge for multi-family recycling. Business Recycling For refuse and green waste collection for businesses, call (818) 238-3800. For business recycling, call the Burbank Recycle Center at (818) 238-3900. There is no extra charge for business recycling.

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