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Library: Writing for the Web

Content is King - this is a common expression among designers and marketers for good reason. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your site is if the content doesn’t get your message across. Writing for the web is different from print, email, or other delivery mechanisms, and in this session we will cover how to write for the web, and some of the technical tools you will need to optimize your content including:

  • How to think about content strategy
  • How users read online
  • How to use the tools to focus your content in a way that will get the most out of users’ time
  • Typical things that users will unconsciously ignore
  • How to find and focus your tone, voice, and message

This program is open to all - no sign-ups or laptop required.

Rain Breaw Michaels will lead this workshop. She has been building websites since 1998. She has taught HTML, CSS, web accessibility, and Drupal in colleges and workshops.

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