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Debris Basins Update

Post Date:01/16/2018 4:44 PM

BURBANK, CA (January 16, 2018) – “The Upper Sunset Debris Basin atop Country Club Drive functioned precisely how it was supposed to during last week’s storm, despite erroneous media reports stating otherwise,” said Eric Baumgardner, the City’s Emergency Management Coordinator. “We are working hard to get them ready for any new storms coming our way.”

The County of Los Angeles Flood Control District completed an engineering assessment inspection of the Sunset Canyon Upper Debris Basin last week and there is no structural concern.  The outlet drain at Upper Sunset was blocked by debris, preventing water from draining and allowing the mud to dry.  Crews worked during the weekend moving debris away from the outlet so water could drain.  The mud within the debris basin needs to dry to a point in which it can be hauled and the Flood Control District believes the hauling activities can start tomorrow (1/17).  The debris removal operations will continue as long as the weather allows to attain 100% debris basin capacity. 

County crews were also working in Sunset Canyon Lower Debris Basin during the weekend ensuring continued water drainage of the basin to dry the mud.  Prep work for debris removal has already begun and crews expect hauling operations will start as soon as this week. 

Brace Debris Basin filled to capacity and some mud flowed over the spillway, but didn’t progress to the street.  Crews drained water from the basin over the weekend and are likely to begin hauling operations tomorrow (1/17).  Temporary no parking signs have been posted on Brace Canyon Road for the haul operations.

Sunset Canyon Deer Debris Basin also filled to capacity.  Water drainage occurred over the weekend and debris hauling will likely begin this week.

Haven Debris Basin was impacted least of all of the County debris basins in Burbank.  Crews have assessed Haven and because there is a great deal of remaining capacity, they determined this to be a lower priority for clean-out; however, it will be cleared out to 100% capacity as soon as possible.

All of this work will take several weeks to clear debris from County debris basins.   

Due to the burn scar of the La Tuna Fire, there will be an ongoing threat of mud and debris from any significant storm for the next 3 to 5 years.


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