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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Parking Permits

Post Date:02/28/2018 4:45 PM
Burbank, CA (Feb. 28, 2018) - Please see the following frequently asked questions in regards to the residential parking permits.
  1. Why do I have to pay $30 for a permit?

    In 2017, the City analyzed its fees to attempt to recover 30% of its costs.  The analysis showed that the residential permit parking program costs the City $440,380 annually ($44 per permit).  The costs included staff time to issue and enforce permits, administer parking citations, conduct parking studies, process petitions, and install and maintain parking signs.  The fee of $30 for a three year permit equates to $10 per year (as approved by Council) and allows the City to recover 22% of the cost. 

  2. Why do I have to show proof of vehicle registration now?

    The City’s Municipal Code establishes permit-only parking for resident vehicles.  Proof of vehicle registration is now required to ensure only resident vehicles park within permit-only zones.

  3. My vehicle registration doesn’t have my address, how can I obtain permits?

    The City will issue a temporary parking permit to give residents time to obtain a new vehicle registration for their qualifying address from the CA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  This can be done on-line at  Public Works will accept the DMV on-line change of address confirmation as evidence of new vehicle registration.

    There may be unusual incidences where this isn’t an option and the City will work with individuals on a case by case basis to obtain alternate proof of vehicle ownership.

  4. Why are permit-only permits changed from hang tags to windshield stickers?

    Windshield stickers offer several benefits: 1) Improved parking enforcement by Police, 2) Permit assigned to a specific resident vehicle as required by Code, 3) Reduced costs for the City 

  5. I have permit-only parking on my street, what do I do if I have a regular visitor?

    Any resident of a permit-only street who has purchased permits may also purchase a visitor permit for $5.05.  This permit is transferable and is valid for 3 years. Permit holders are also eligible for single-use visitor permits at no charge (see below).

  6. What do I do if I have more guests than permits for an event I am hosting on my permit street?

    Public Works has single-use visitor permits available in stacks of ten to issue to residents who have purchased permits for their vehicles.  There is no charge for these permits.  In order for the permit to be valid, the resident simply writes the date, in permanent ink marker, on the single-use permit before giving it to his/her guest to display.

  7. Why are permits now valid in zones?

    Zones allow residents to park on nearby streets that require the same type of permit if their street is fully occupied.  This helps permit eligible residents utilize the parking supply in their neighborhood. 

  8. Why can’t my $30 permit be used anywhere in the City?

    Permit parking is meant to address neighborhood issues caused by non-resident vehicles.  It is not intended to reserve parking exclusively for a resident throughout the City.  Permit streets are established by the residents through a resident sponsored petition.  The residents therein mutually agree to limit the time frame of the available parking on their street and to display a parking permit to exceed that time limit.

  9. My street isn’t labeled on the map sent to residents, how do I know where I can park?

    The map labels the major streets separating permit zones and your permit is valid within your zone, on any same permitted street.

  10. How do I remove permit parking on my street?
    Any resident may contact the City’s Public Works Department, (818) 238-3915, to obtain a petition to remove permit parking.  The resident then acts as the petition sponsor to gather signatures from neighbors to demonstrate support of the removal.


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