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Burbank City Talk

Post Date:08/29/2019 3:41 PM

The City of Burbank would like to expand communication with you so we’ve developed Burbank City Talk - an email focused on trending topics and events that are happening within the city.  We will send you Burbank City Talk when we have important items to share with you.

Our first Burbank City Talk email is focused on the City’s efforts to alleviate concerns as we see our homeless numbers increasing along with the rest of Southern California, so please read and share with your neighbors, coworkers and friends.  Dealing with homelessness is a legally complex issue that  requires diligence, innovative ideas and take many people to plan and implement as well as continuous State and Federal lobbying.

Burbank uses four guiding principles to help with our homelessness initiatives and these can be found within our three-year Homelessness Plan approved by the City Council in December 2017. These are:

  • Burbank takes a holistic approach toward homelessness. 
  • Many varying homeless circumstances require a variety of answers. There are no easy solutions. 
  • The Outreach Team consisting of service agencies and City departments will visit Burbank’s homeless, offering services on a daily basis. 
  • If illegal activity is committed, enforcement will occur. 

    Most recently, the implementation of our city’s Homelessness Plan are beginning to produce success:

  • In the last three months, Burbank and its partner, Ascencia, have linked four homeless individuals from Burbank to permanent housing vouchers.
  • Since March, eight individuals have received transportation funds to reunite them with their families.
  • Another city partner, Family Promise, has helped eight homeless families receive temporary rental assistance in order to gain financial independence.
  • The City has purchased and rehabilitated a triplex in conjunction with Burbank Housing Corporation and Family Promise to provide ongoing transitional housing for three families with the goal in mind that as they become self-sufficient and successful in securing permanent housing, others will take their place within the transitional units.
  • The City received $340,000 in Measure H grant funds, which we will use for planning, site development, and consultant expertise for homeless services such as developing housing alternatives and a storage center where the homeless can store their personal items.  Having such a facility will help homeless individuals to access services as well as serve as a storage area that the city will use during abatements, thus meeting our legal requirements for clean ups. The grant will also help to hire a Homeless Services Liaison that will coordinate and link the homeless to services.
  • This year in March, the Downtown Property Business Improvement District devoted funds to hire Street Plus for hospitality and social service outreach.  Street Plus interacts with the homeless to provide resources and to ensure that our homeless are good neighbors and pick up after themselves.
  • This past week, our team has completed an encampment abatement under the Burbank Bridge due to its proximity to electric infrastructure and for health and safety concerns encountered at the site.  We are also placing a fence around the area to protect electrical infrastructure and ensure access to it.
  • Soon, the City Council will review a proposed ordinance to assist with removal of belongings in the public right-of-way.

We realize there is still a lot to do and City staff with the help of our service partners are working together to implement the strategies listed in our Homelessness Plan. To learn more, please visit our webpage.

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