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Burbank Issues Emergency Orders to Facilitate Outdoor Dining

Post Date:07/02/2020 5:04 PM

Burbank, CA (July 2, 2020) – Today, the Burbank City Manager issued two Emergency Orders to facilitate outdoor dining, making it temporarily easier for restaurants to add outdoor seating while still abiding by County restaurant protocols.

The new Orders allow both dining on private property including parking lots and within the public right of way with specific permits.

Allowing Outdoor Dining within Private Property Parking Lots – The first Emergency Order temporarily suspends the requirement for a permit when using a restaurant’s private parking lot for outdoor dining.  Permanent alterations to a parking lot and/or permanent installations are not allowed and Los Angeles County Health Protocols apply to outdoor seating. For instance, tables and chairs must include social distancing. This waiver does not apply to those restaurants that are permitted for takeout food and not permitted for indoor dining. The City of Burbank Planning Division has some suggested best practices for outdoor dining on private property and is willing to share these along with answering questions.  They can be reached at 818-238-5250.

Issuance of Sidewalk Dining Encroachment Permits- The second Emergency Order goes into effect on Monday, July 6, and establishes a temporary expanded outdoor restaurant dining program that allows the Public Work Director or his designee to expand the number of allowable seats and tables beyond current limitations.  Additionally, it permits the expansion of outdoor seating on the public sidewalk beyond the sidewalks fronting the restaurant.

A restaurant seeking to participate may file a permit application with the Public Works Department, which is subject to the approval of the Director pursuant to the Resolution and guidelines.  For more information and to set an appointment, contact the Public Works Office at 818-238-3950.  Appointments are available Monday – Friday from 8:00AM to noon.  To access the application, click here.

The Emergency Orders expire on July 14 at midnight and may be extended beyond this time period, if approved by the City Council.  The item is scheduled to be reviewed during the City Council meeting on July 14.


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