Burbank City Hall

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A nationally recognized historic site

City Council Chamber and Murals


Burbank City Hall’s art deco architecture was popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Designed to be a modern building for its time, the art deco architecture celebrates the achievements of technology and the taming of nature.

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Burbank City Hall is dominated by a central tower equivalent to a three and one half story building (approximately 77 feet high from the base of the steps to the top of the flagpole). It is flanked on either side by two-two story wings. A vertical panel with recessed cast concrete grill runs from the front doors to the roof of the tower, giving the facade a decorative flair and at the same time, providing light and impressiveness to the interior’s main lobby and grand stair case.

All of the exterior surfaces of the building are plain cement except for the sculpted panels (bas-reliefs) over the front windows of the two wings. Vertical lines are accentuated in the treatment of the window openings with horizontal lines in the walls of the basement. The set back of the tower has a low pitched roof covered with glazed shingle tiles.

Exterior Art

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Three bas-reliefs adorn the exterior of Burbank City Hall. The bas-reliefs, typical of art deco architecture, glorify the accomplishments of humanity.

The bas-relief on the west side of the building depicts free men bearing the body of Peace, while an eagle hovers in the background. At the right, soldiers are on guard while mechanics work on an airplane.

The bas-relief on the east wing of the building depicts a Jehovah-like figure representing religion. Next to him is the Goddess of Plenty on her throne, followed by a family scene and figures which represent the hurts of war.

The third and last bas-relief can be found on the Third Street side of the building. It is titled “Tribute to Craftsmen” and shows the angular style with which the artist gives his characters strength. It is the only titled bas-relief at Burbank City Hall.

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