Business Stormwater Discharge Compliance

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Senate Bill No. 205 (Hertzberg) passed October 2, 2019, requires businesses in certain industries to enroll with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program by providing specified information, under penalty of perjury, to the City. The bill requires the City to obtain this information prior to approving a new Business Tax or Business License application or renewing an existing Business Tax account or Business License. Upon request, the City transmits this information to the State Water Resources Control Board.

Business affected by this requirement need to complete a special application and return it to Building & Safety Division.

To help business owners comply with this new requirement, here are links to the regulations:

 How to Find a business's SIC Code. 

Attachment A published by the State Water Resources Control Board.

List of affected SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes mentioned in Attachment A.

A complete list of SIC codes and descriptions can be found on the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s website:

NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) Association Website

Text of SB 205.

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