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Building Permit Applications:

Residential Building Permit

Residential Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing Permit

Commercial Building Permit

Commercial Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing Permit

Swimming Pool Permit

Sign Permit

Demolition Permit

Permit Cancellation Request

Extension Requests (Requests must be submitted before the Plan Check or Permit expires):

Plan Check Extension

Permit Extension

Contractor Forms:

Business Tax Application (For out-of-town contractors working on a construction project in Burbank)

Tax is paid per construction project at the time of permit issuance and is paid based on Volume of Work - $0.90 per each $1,000 of valuation with a maximum of $470.00 (subject to increase change July 1). Please mail the application with payment to:
    City of Burbank Building & Safety Division
    P.O. Box 6459
    Burbank, CA 91510-6459
If you would like to pay by credit card, contact us at and put Out-of-Contractors tax in the subject line. A 2% Administrative Fee applies to cover fees charged to the City by the bank.

Agent Authorization Form

Notary Standard Acknowledgment

Structural Observation:


Report Form

Designation Form

Request to Make Copies

         Request to Make Copies of Official Plans

Disabled Accessiblity Hardship

         Disabled Accessiblity Hardship Form

SB 407 Plumbing Certification

SB 407 Certificate of Compliance


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