Construction & Demolition Debris Diversion Ordinance

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The City's Diversion of Construction and Demolition Debris Ordinance was made mandatory effective July 1, 2007.  The purpose of the ordinance is to meet the goals of the California Waste Management Act of 1989 which requires all cities and counties in the State to reduce the amount of waste materials deposited in landfills by 65%.

Program Requirements

The ordinance and the state building code require the following construction projects to divert and recycle at least 65% of the construction and demolition debris generated:

  • All Demolitions 
  • All New Buildings
  • Non-Residential projects: Additions of 1,000 square feet or more. Alterations, Remodels and Tenant Improvements with a permit valuation of $200,000 or greater
  • Residential: Additions and alterations that increase the building's conditioned area, volume or size.

Fee:  A non-refundable administrative fee of $58.05 to be paid at time of permit issuance, plus a refundable minimum deposit of $290.40 for the first ton and $58.05 for each additional ton with a cap of $1,000 for residential and $5,000 for nonresidential projects.  The deposit will be refunded upon presentation of recycling receipts to the Building Division within 90 days of permit final.  Deposits on expired permits are subject to forfeiture.

For further details on program specifics, please check the C&D Debris Diversion Reference Manual

Forms and Applications:


How to Calculate Debris

Waste Management Plan (WMP) - Residential

Waste Management Plan (WMP)- Commercial

Recycling Summary Report (RSR) - Long Form

Deposit Refund Request

Job Tracking Sheet

C&D Materials Conversion Worksheet 

List of Local Recyclers


Waste Haulers that recycle:

BFI Waste Systems      (888) 742-5234

Frank’s Disposal          (818) 352-5001

Looney Bins Inc.          (818) 768-7197

Metropolis Disposal     (818) 901-2020

Southland Disposal      (818) 500-4884

Crown Disposal           (818) 767-0675

American Reclamation/South Coast Fibers (888) 999-9330



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