Solar Photovolataic Permits

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Application Process

Effective October 1, 2015, the City of Burbank adopted a streamlined permitting process for small residential rooftop solar energy systems. A small system is one that has a 10kW AC CEC rating or less, is mounted on the roof of a single-family dwelling or duplex or accessory structure, and does not exceed the maximum allowed building height in Burbank. A meter spot from Burbank Water & Power (BWP) for the performance meter is required prior to submittal to plan check. The applicant is responsible for executing the interconnection agreement with BWP prior to the energizing of the system.

To see the complete expedited eligibility checklist and requirements, please download the City's guidebook at the link below:

Guide to Expedited Permitting for Small Residential Rofotop Solar Energy Systems

To obtain the meter spot and interconnection agreement, please contact BWP at 818-238-3700.

Application Process

1. Get a meter spot for the Performance Meter from Burbank Water and Power 818-238-3700. BWP staff will visit your job site to confirm a location for the solar meter. Incorporate the approved meter spot in the design and drawing of the solar system plans.

 2. Submit the application and two copies of the plans, along with a copy of the meter spot confirmation, to Building Division for plan check. Plans meeting the requirements for expedited permitting will be reviewed in two to three days and returned to the applicant.

3. Building Division will coordinate Plan Check Review with the Fire Department. You will receive an email from Building Division when your plans are ready for pick up. Plans requiring changes to meet the the Building Code, the Fire Code or electrical service requirements need to be corrected and returned to Plan Check for a second review. Plans that do not need corrections will be ready to issue.

4. While the plans are being checked, begin the process of setting up an Interconnection Agreement with BWP 818-238-3700.  An Interconnection Agreement is required before the solar system is allowed to operate.

5. After you have completed plan check, the permit may be pulled by a licensed contractor or the property owner. Once the permit has been issued, you may begin installation of the system. When the installation is complete, call Building Division one day in advance to schedule an inspection to final the permit 818-238-5220.

6. After the permit has been finaled and the Interconnection Agreement set up, the meter may be energized by BWP.


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