Pet Sales and Breeding Regulations

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A new local ordinance prohibits the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats by pet stores and adds guidelines for the breeding of animals at a kennel. Effective March 8, 2013, the ordinance addresses two areas of existing regulations in the Burbank Municipal Code (BMC).

First, the sales restriction prohibits the sale of commercially bred animals in the effort to stem the supply of animals bred in large and encourage the adoption of homeless pets. Not all large breeders are irresponsible, but cases of substandard conditions and care in breeding facilities have been documented by government agencies and animal welfare groups.

Second, the ordinance establishes standards for commercial kennels that are interested in conducting breeding on their premises. Although Burbank is not home to any puppy mills - a negative term for breeding facilities that raise animals in substandard and inhumane conditions - these guidelines are a step toward implementing basic standards of care for breeding activity.

The new pet sales and breeding regulations are included in Ordinance 3836.

The codes regulating pet stores and kennels are located in the following sections of the Burbank Municipal Code:

Definitions Title 5, Chapter 1, Article 1

Pet Stores Title 5, Chapter 1, Article 14

Kennels Title 5, Chapter 1, Article 12

Business licenses
A business license is required for pet stores and kennels. Home breeding, including what is sometimes referred to as hobby breeding or backyard breeding, is not allowed in the city as a Home Occupation.

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