9th Annual Student Design Competition

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The City of Burbank Building Division sponsors the Student Design Competition each year in collaboration with Burbank Water and Power and the Burbank Recycle Center to provide an opportunity for high school students in the City to creatively explore the areas of building design, site planning, transportation, community services and redevelopment. This year, Building Division is proud to add Woodbury University as a partner in the competition.


THIS YEAR'S PROGRAM. The theme of this year's contest is the design of a single family residence on a lake front lot. The house is to be situated on a fictitious lot located in a forest area with access to a lake. 
    Program Booklet
    Registration Form

    October 10, 2011. Program packets available 

    December 16, 2011. Deadline to submit registration forms - EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 6.

    December – January 2012. Interactive meetings with City staff and sponsors, to be arranged 

    February 14, 2012. PROJECT SUBMITTAL DEADLINE. In order to be fair to all applicants, NO PROJECT SUBMITTAL EXTENSIONS CAN BE GIVEN. 

    February 16, 2012. Announcement of winners at the Community Services Building in the Community Room 5:00 pm to 6:60 pm.

    February 28, 2012. Presentation of Scholarships at the City Council meeting, 6:00 pm.

AWARDS. A panel from the Burbank community including architects, council members and representatives from the creative industry will judge based on their interpretation of a project’s: 
    • Design and creativity: How unique is the solution? 
    • Presentation quality and workmanship: How clear are the presentation boards and model? 
    • Program: Does the project fulfill the program requirements?

Award Categories (A project could win Best Design and not win an Environmental Design, or a project could wind Best Design and an Environmental Scholarship.) 
    • Best Design  First Place $1,500 per team 
                        Second place $1,000 per team 
                        Third place $ 500 per team 
    • The Burbank Water and Power-Recycle Center Environmental Scholarship is awarded based on the integration of environmentally beneficial features such as recycled materials, rainwater capturing, and composting (See Page 9 of Program). Also, is the house an energy efficient building that addresses the solar orientation, cooling/heating needs, and wind/sun protection of the site? 
                        First Place $1,500 per team 
                        Second Place $1,000 per team 
                        Third Place $ 500 per team 


8th Annual

7th Annual

For more information, please contact Carol-Ann Coates in Building Division at 818-238-5226 or email ccoates@ci.burbank.ca.us.


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