Electric Vehicle Charging Station Expedited Permitting

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The City adopted an expedited permitting process for Electric Vehicle Chargers. The ordinance went into effect on October 27, 2017. Below are links to the Checklist and Ordinance for permitting of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE). The intent of the checklist is to help expedite permitting.

The Checklist asks the applicant to provide the technical requirements of both their electrical service and the EV charging equipment. Once the checklist has been completed and approved, including the requirements listed below, the permit may be issued:

  • For single-family installations other than on the interior wall of the garage, a Site Plan is required to verify the station does not encroach into the clear space required for parking, access to required parking, or required setbacks. Attach the Site Plan to checklist. The Site Plan must be reviewed and approved by the Planning Division prior to issuance.
  • A site plan and specifications are required for installations of Level II and III chargers on non-residential properties. Attach plans to the checklist. Plans must be approved by Building and Planning divisions prior to issuance.
  • If an electrical service upgrade is needed, please obtain a meter spot from Burbank Water and Power (BWP) PRIOR to submittal of this application to Building Division. Provide copy of meter spot document with your application. Contact BWP at 818-238-3700 or BWPCustomerService@burbankca.gov
  • An equipment disconnect is required for branch circuits of 60 amps or more.




Charging Station Rebate and Time of Use Details
Residential and commercial customers who install a Level 2 (240V) EV charger are eligible for a rebate from BWP. Applicant must be an active BWP electric customer or charge their vehicle at a location with an active BWP electric account.  The Time of Use (TOU) rate offers different electric costs at different times of the day. TOU rates are optional for residential customers, but mandatory for customers applying for the EV Charger rebate. Please check with BWP regarding rebate details and TOU rates.


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