Obtaining a Permit

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Guide to Obtain a Building Permit

If you are obtaining a Building permit, please refer to our typical Timeline for a walk-through of the process.

In some instances a permit may be obtained by a contractor, an owner-builder, or an agent.  Our Who May Obtain a Building Permit page specifies the requirements for each.  The Contractors reference page discusses the benefits and risks associated with hiring a contractor or acting as an owner-builder.

Obtaining a building permit for many residential additions and remodeling projects will require plans prepared by either a licensed architect or a licensed engineer.  The Engineers and Architects reference page provides an explanation of which projects require professionally prepared plans.  Our Plan Sample will give you an idea of what information is required and what level of detail is expected.  Minor remodeling where no structural or building safety alterations are made may not require plans.

All projects must also be in compliance with current zoning code.  Please refer to the Planning Division for the most up to date information.

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