Plan Samples & Conventional Light Frame Construction Details

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Residential Projects' Plan Sample & Conventional Construction Details

Sample Plans

The following files depict a sample of the required basic components of a plan.

Sample Project

Conventional Light Frame Construction

The following files contain details of prescriptive requirements for Conventional Light Frame Construction.  These requirements may not be deviated from unless a professional engineer or architect provides California Building Code adhering justification for said deviation.

Wood Frame Prescriptive Requirements (WFPP) - Entire Handout (10 pages)

WFPP, p.1 Overview

WFPP, p.2 Wall Framing and Foundations

WFPP, p.3 Allowable Spans

WFPP, p.4 Continuous Spans

WFPP, p.5 Fasteners

WFPP, p.6 Fasteners

WFPP, p.7 Framing Details

WFPP, p.8 Shear Wall Requirements

WFPP, p.9 Other Details

WFPP, p.10 Residential Interior Requirements 

Patio Covers p.2

Porte Cocheres p.1

Porte Cocheres p.2

Residential Electrical and Lighting Requirements

Residential Electrical Requirements

Residential Lighting Requirements

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