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Steps to Follow and Estimated Timeline for Obtaining a Permit

Steps to follow to obtain a building permit:

  1. At the permit counter located on the first floor of the Community Services Building, first verify with Planning Division that the proposed project is in compliance with current zoning code requirements.
  2. Verify with Building Division whether or not the plans need to be prepared by a licensed engineer or architect in case you have any questions.
  3. Complete an application and submit plans to Building Division. Two sets are required for additions or remodeling projects. Three sets are required for new construction.
    • Minor non-structural remodeling projects may be done over-the-counter but most projects need to be submitted for Plan Check.
    • Plan check will expire after 180 days unless an extension is requested.
  4. The plans will be returned to the applicant (Architect, Engineer, Designer, or Homeowner) for corrections to be made according to the Plan Check Engineer's and the Planner's comments.
  5. Resubmit two sets of corrected plans with the original submittal for recheck.
    • Rechecks are reviewed by both Planning and Building divisions. 
    • Recheck may be done over-the-counter with an appointment if corrections are not excessive.
    • Rechecks will be required until the applicant has made all necessary corrections to plans.  Normally between one and three resubmittals are required.
  6. Once plan check has been approved, the plans will be returned to the applicant, who may now take the plans and application to other City departments that need to approve them. The other Departments include Public Works, Burbank Water and Power, Parks Recreation and Community Services, and the Fire Department. Any approvals from outside agencies, such as the Burbank Unified School District, should be handled by the applicant at this time.
  7. After the above mentioned sign-offs have been obtained on the plans and application, obtain final sign-off from Planning Division and lastly from your Building Division Plan Check Engineer.
  8. The permit is now ready for issue. The contractor/home owner may pay for and obtain the permit at the permit counter.
  9. Permits expire after 180 days of non-activity from date of issuance unless an extension is requested in writing.
  10. Schedule inspection at appropriate construction stage.
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