Plan Check Requirements

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Permits are not only required for new construction, additions and remodels but for most types of mechanical, electrical and plumbing work. Depending on the scope of work, plans for mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects may need to be Plan Checked. To determine whether a project needs Plan Check, please check this list of Plan Check Thresholds for Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing.

The following are thresholds that require plan check for electrical, mechanical and plumbing installations. Installations meeting any of the criteria below shall first be submitted with an application for plan check with appropriate drawings, details, calculations and fees. Plans for final approval must bear the seal and signature of a registered electrical or mechanical engineer as appropriate, or a registered civil engineer or licensed architect. Plans must match with the corresponding architectural, fire, planning and other associated drawings.


  • Electrical services, switchboards, subpanels, multi-meter panels, motor control centers, equipment or feeders rated 400 Amp or more (Exception: Up to and including 400A services and panelboards for Single Family Dwellings)
  • Transformers rated 112.5 KVA or more
  • Equipment greater than 600 Volts
  • Lighting installations more than 1,000 square feet in area
  • Solar photovoltaic systems greater than 10KW
  • Wind power generating systems
  • Electrical systems in hazardous locations (gas stations, auto repair garages, etc.)
  • Emergency power systems, legally required standby systems, and critical operations power systems (generator, storage battery, UPS, etc.)
  • Licensed OSHPD-3 Clinics
  • Complex electrical systems as determined by the Building Official


  • Commercial kitchens, barber/beauty salons, or nail salons
  • Kitchen hoods (Type I or II)
  • Commercial HVAC systems greater than 10,000 CFM or more than 1,000 square feet in area
  • Enclosed parking garage mechanical ventilation systems
  • Smoke evacuation systems
  • Licensed OSHPD-3 Clinics
  • Complex mechanical systems as determined by the Building Official


  • Potable water piping 2-inches or larger
  • Combination waste & vent systems
  • Sanitary drainage system greater than 216 fixture units
  • Interceptors, grease traps, clarifiers or sewage ejectors
  • Reclaimed, geothermal or gray water systems
  • Fuel gas systems greater than 500,000 BTU/Hr design load, serving more than 10 outlets Medium pressure gas systems
  • Licensed OSHPD-3 Clinics
  • Complex plumbing systems as determined by the Building Official
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