Energy Efficiency

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  • The revised California 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are going into effect January 1, 2010. All permit and plan check application submitted after January 1 must comply with the new code requirments as applicable to each project type.

Links to California Energy Commission Website:

California 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings (pdf)

Nonresidential Compliance Manual (pdf)

Residential Compliance Manual (pdf)

Summary of Major Changes


Building Systems and Components

The Standards apply to building systems and building envelope components depending on whether the project is new construction, an alteration, or an addition to a low-rise residential, high-rise residential, nonresidential or hotel/motel building.

Low-Rise Residential Standards apply to:

  • All single family and duplex dwellings of any number of stories.
    All multifamily buildings with three or fewer habitable stories.
    Lighting for living quarters and water heating requirements for high-rise multifamily buildings (over three stories).

Nonresidential Standards apply to:

  • All nonresidential California Building Code occupancies, high-rise residential, and all hotel/motel occupancies.

Alterations Vs. Additions

Reroofs: Low-Rise Residential

Reroofs: Nonresidential, High-Rise Residential, Hotels/Motels

Residential Lighting


Residential Windows

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