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Burbank Property Portal

To identify the zoning designation of a property, see Los Angeles County Tax Assessor information, or review the permit history of a property in Burbank, please visit the Property Portal.


HOW TO USE: To begin, click on the Property Portal link, accept the terms of use, and enter the Property Address, Assessor Parcel Number (APN), or Permit Number in the top right-hand corner. Once the information is entered, you can click on the following features on the left-hand side:

  • Map or Satellite - To select the type of aerial image you wish to view of the property. 
  • Address - To see the property address. 
  • Zone - To identify the zoning district where the property is located. Please note, any information in parenthesis is not a zoning district;
  • Assessor Information - To see available Los Angeles County Tax Assessor information of the property, including year built, appraised square footage, and more; or
  • Permits - To review the digitally-available Planning and Building permit history for the property. No plans are available online.
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