Community Development Block Grant

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CDBG Overview

For more than 30 years, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been working to involve low income people and their organizations in decisions and programs that affect their communities.

For much of this period, one of the largest federal programs that is structured to primarily benefit  low income people is the Community Development Block Grant program, or CDBG. Every year the federal government distributes approximately $4 billion through this program to state and local   governments, which can use the money in a wide variety of ways.

In many communities, CDBG money has been a critical resource, helping to improve public facilities, rehabilitate needed affordable housing, supporting small businesses in low income neighborhoods, and providing important services. However, in other communities, this money has been used in ways that minimally benefit low income people.

Often, a key factor in how well CDBG money is used depends on whether a low income community organization has become involved in the decision making process. When such groups do become involved, CDBG money is often used in ways that respond to the most pressing needs of low income communities, as defined by those communities.

If there are any questions concerning the information in this statement, please call 818.238.5180. Citizens wishing to express their views or comments regarding the Final Statement of Community Development Objectives and Projected Uses of Funds can do so by writing to:

City of Burbank
Community Development Department
150 N. Third St.
Burbank, CA. 91502
Attention: Marcos Gonzalez

Complete records are available regarding the past use of CDBG funds and/or any CDBG project.

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