Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station TOD Specific Plan and General Plan Update

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Map of Specific Plan


The City’s General Plan Realization Land Use Program LU-3 encourages the City to “review the three existing specific plans through a public process to determine whether the vision, goals, and policies established by the plans remain applicable and appropriate. Revise the plans as necessary to ensure that they reflect current desires for each of the three areas.” In order to implement this General Plan program, staff applied for and was awarded $310,000 in funds from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) under the SB2 Planning Grant Program and $410,000 from Los Angeles Country Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) under the TOD Planning Grant Program. Collectively, these grant funds will facilitate a new Downtown Burbank specific plan that proposes to incorporate an update to the 1997 Burbank Center Specific Plan, 2012 North San Fernando Boulevard Master Plan, and surrounding areas of both plans into one comprehensive planning document. As part of the project, the new specific plan will include an update to the General Plan elements and undertake the appropriate environmental assessment pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The new “Specific Plan” is referred to as the Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station TOD Specific Plan and General Plan Update.  

The approximately 662-acre Specific Plan area encompasses two adopted planning areas (the Burbank Center Plan and the North San Fernando Boulevard Master Plan), which includes Downtown Burbank and the Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station. The Specific Plan’s development will include analysis of existing and proposed land uses, infrastructure, transportation, pedestrian and bicycle amenities, opportunities for new housing and other in-fill development opportunities. The Specific Plan will also analyze vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian access to the Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station and study ways to take advantage of economic development opportunities and job creation around the station.    

The project will include extensive outreach with the public, business leaders, and other agencies. When completed, the Specific Plan will be a document that guides development within and around Downtown Burbank and Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station.   



Burbank Center Plan  



Upcoming Public Meetings 


The project will be heard at the following public meeting: 

City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 6 p.m. held via video/telephone conference. The City Council will vote to approve or deny a request to initiate an amendment to the General Plan in conjunction with the Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Specific Plan.  A PDF of the public notice is available here.  

Staff’s presentation of the project will be pre-recorded and available here in the days leading up to the City Council Meeting.  In lieu of in-person attendance, members of the public may participate in the meeting telephonically and may submit their written comments regarding City business using the eComment, or by emailing the City Council directly at  Instructions on how to view the meeting and submit comments during the meeting will be provided in the meeting agenda which will be posted online prior to the meeting date at



For more information, questions, or to get on the mailing list for upcoming meetings on the project, please contact Leonard Bechet, Senior Planner, by phone at (818) 238-5250 or by email at  

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