Active Planning Projects

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Active Planning projects include all Current Planning and Long-Range Planning projects in progress with the Planning Division. These can be viewed as:
  • Webpages for major projects (not included in the Pending and/or Approved Projects List) under review, recently approved, or under construction. These pages are intended to provide ongoing information to the community on project details, prior and upcoming public meetings, and available documents for review. Major projects include:


Development Review Process

Development Review Process
The Planning Division reviews private development applications for conformance with City plans, ordinances and policies related to zoning, design, neighborhood compatibility, land use, subdivision of land, and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The process also includes preliminary review by other City Departments, such as Fire, Building & Safety, Transportation, Public Works, Burbank Water & Power, Parks and Recreation, and Police. 
Following Planning Division review, if an application is approved by a decision maker, detailed construction plans are reviewed by all City Departments. Upon completeness, construction permits are issued by Building & Safety, Public Works, and authorized by Burbank Water & Power.   
An overview of the Development Review process is provided in PDF (or click on graphic).



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