Single-Family Neighborhood Compatibility and Design

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Walkshop editOn January 24, 2017, the City Council adopted new single-family development standards and design guidelines for all R-1 (Single-Family Residential) and R-1-H (Single-Family Residential Horsekeeping) zoned properties, including the Hillside area. A copy of the meeting agenda, staff report, and a video of the meeting is available online. With input from Burbank residents, the primary purpose for the regulations are to: (1) address concerns with bulk and mass of single-family home additions and new construction, and (2) provide options for architectural variety while maintaining neighborhood compatibility. Instead of creating a separate design review board or process, the intent is to incorporate this review into the Single-Family Special Development Permit and/or the Hillside Development Permit review process.   


The following residential projects are subject to a Single-Family Special Development Permit:

  • All new single-family construction that exceeds a 0.35 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) or is larger than 3,000 square feet;
  • All single-family construction or remodels where there is a whole house demolition (link to definition of Demolition, Whole House); or
  • All single-family additions or remodels of existing homes adding more than 500 square feet that does not result in an FAR over 0.40.

The following residential projects are subject to a Hillside Development Permit:

  • All new structures or modifications that increase the square footage or height of an existing structure, or otherwise alter the footprint, volume, mass, or dimensions of an existing structure;
  • All new construction that involves the creation of a new building pad, cut or fill activity to expand an existing building pad, or any other grading activity, including (but not limited to), grading for structures, swimming pools, patios, driveways, and expanded yard areas;
  • The structure extends beyond the front or rear yard setback lines per Section 10-1-606(E) (see graphic); 
  • The height of the proposed structure to the top of the roof exceeds 16 feet; or
  • The total gross square footage of all structures and spaces included in FAR is greater than 3,000 square feet.



Development Standards for All R-1 Zoned Properties

Additional Development Standards for R-1-H (Single-Family Residential Horsekeeping) Properties

Development Standards for Designated Hillside Area Properties

PDF of the Neighborhood Compatibility and Design Guidelines and Checklist



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