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Planning Board

The Planning Board is comprised of five Burbank residents who are appointed by the City Council and serve four-year terms. The Board conducts public hearings and makes decisions on applications for discretionary projects such as Conditional Use Permits and Variances.  The Board also considers appeals of decisions by the Community Development Director on certain types of project applications. The Board serves as an advisory body to the City Council on planning issues such as amendments to the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

Planning Board meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of each month.  Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 275 East Olive Avenue.

Mission Statement for the Burbank Planning Board
Adopted September 12, 2016

It is the mission of the Burbank Planning Board to serve and enhance the quality of life in Burbank, while maintaining a commitment to integrity, fairness, and transparency.

The current Planning Board members are shown below.

Name Appointment Term Expires
Christopher Rizzotti* (Chair) 5/21/2013 7/31/2021
Diane Eaton (Vice Chair) 5/12/2015  7/31/2019 
Grayce Liu 7/11/2017 7/31/2021
Nazafarin Hadian 7/11/2017 7/31/2021
Apraham Atteukenian 5/12/2015 7/31/2019 


Planning Board meeting agendas, staff reports, minutes, and videos starting in February 2009 are available on the meeting agendas page.  Agendas, staff reports, and minutes from January 2009 and earlier are available upon request by calling (818) 238-5250 or sending an email to

Heritage Commission

In 1994, the Burbank Heritage Commission was established to act as an advisory body on issues pertaining to the designation and preservation of historical places and structures within the City of Burbank.

The Heritage Commission is comprised of five Burbank residents who are appointed by the City Council and serve four-year terms. Members are required to have a demonstrated interest, competence, or knowldge in historic preservation.  To extent possible, two members are supposed to have professional backgrounds in a field related to historic preservation.  

The Commission's duties include:

  • Considering sites or buildings that may be eligible for designation as a historical place or structure of merit
  • Encouraging public understanding and appreciation for the environmental heritage of the community
  • Exploring means for the protection and retention of any designated or potential historical place or structure of merit

Duties may also include encouraging private efforts to acquire property and raise money for historical preservation and making recommendations to the City Council on applications for permits to demolish or alter any building or structure of historic merit.

The Burbank Heritage Commission meets on the first Thursday of every month at 5:30p.m. Meetings are held on the first floor of the Community Services Building located at 150 North Third Street.

Mission Statement for the Heritage Commission
Adopted August 1, 2013

It is Mission of the Burbank Heritage Commission to actively promote the appreciation and preservation of Burbank's historical and cultural resources and advance the understanding and practice of historic preservation through designations of historic homes, structures, locations, districts and educational outreach. Act in an advisory role to the City Council and Planning Board on all matters pertaining to historic preservation.

The current Heritage Commission members are shown below.

Name Appointment Term Expires
 Lisa Robertiello (Chair)  7/12/2016 7/31/2020 
 Arthur Solis (Vice Chair)  5/20/2014 7/31/2018*
Donald Baldaseroni 7/12/2016 7/31/2020
Karen Volpei-Gussow  5/20/2014 7/31/2018*
Marisa Di Domenico 5/20/2014 7/31/2018*



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