Short-term Rentals

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City staff is working on a proposed ordinance to allow Short-term Rentals that protects neighborhoods in Burbank while allowing its residents to participate in the sharing economy.

A short-term rental is a residential property that is rented for a brief duration, typically for 30 days or less. There are two types of short-term rentals:

  1. Home-sharing, where a room in the unit or an accessory structure is rented, typically with the owner present, and
  2. Vacation rentals, where the entire unit is rented out to guests with the owner absent.

Online Community Workshop #1: 

The City of Burbank Community Development Department will be hosting the first of two online community workshops on the topic of Short-term Rentals. The City is seeking residents' feedback on the City’s plans to regulate Short-term Rentals.  City staff will be presenting the general overview of regulations that are being considered, including those that would address potential concerns such as parking, noise, and safety. Residents will have an opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions on the City’s proposed Short-term Rental ordinance. 

 Project Leads:

Ordinance Development Timeline

  • Community Workshop #2 – August/September 2020 (virtual, details to follow)
  • Draft ordinance presentation for Planning Board – November 2020 (tentative)
  • Draft ordinance presentation for City Council – December 2020 (tentative)

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