Leland Way Streetscape Project Community Meetings

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Meeting Synopses

Staff conducted five Community Meetings and attended the National Night Out Block Party for the Leland Way Streetscape Project. Summaries of the meetings can be found below.

Community Meeting #5 (Site Visit: January 9, 2017)

On January 9, 2017, City staff met with project stakeholders (five residents from four different households) on-site to discuss two proposed design alternatives for a landscaped (bulb-out) area at the southern project limit for the Leland Way Streetscape Project.  The intent of the meeting was to obtain final consensus amongst residents that were most notably affected by the proposed size of the two landscaped bulb-out alternatives for this specific location of the project.  To facilitate the discussion, the Stantec consulting team had previously striped the two alternatives so that the residents could visualize the scale of the landscaped area during the meeting.

The following concerns were expressed by the residents in attendance:

  1. The City’s ability to maintain the proposed landscaped area to perpetuity;
  2. Possibility of attracting loitering and other nuisances and safety;
  3. Traffic circulation and concerns regarding high speed drivers and drivers performing “donuts” along Leland Way; and
  4. Residents’ desire to visually screen new sound wall and the new freeway sign, post, and foundation.

Upon presenting the two alternatives, three of the four households noted that they had favored the larger landscaped bulb-out alternative as it provided the best ability to dissuade drivers from performing “donuts” along Leland Way and would help to slow high speed drivers.  The residents also agreed that a larger landscaped bulb-out area would help facilitate bigger trees to visually screen the sound wall and freeway sign but were concerned that the City ability to maintain the landscaping.

To obtain the unanimous support of all five households in attendance, a compromise was met by slightly reducing the size of the larger landscaped bulb-out area by approximately 160 sf., to allow the widening of Leland Way and Broadway an additional eight feet, from 28 feet to 36 feet.  This reduction also decreased the proximity of the improvement from one concerned household in attendance.  In addressing the residents’ concerns regarding attracting loitering and other nuisances, curbside parking along the landscaped bulb-out was also removed as originally proposed.  To address residents’ concerns regarding safety, staff had noted that low lying shrubs and ground cover would not exceed knee height.

The residents had inquired about the schedule for completion and staff had clarified that the next steps would be to complete preliminary engineering and that construction would commence within approximately one year.

Community Meeting #4 (October 27, 2016)

After hearing residents' comments from the National Night Out Block Party on August 2, 2016, staff reduced the triangular-shaped landscape bulb-out to a three-foot wide planting area to be landscaped with vines only. This revised alternative for the northern limit allowed for the inclusion of parallel parking as requested by the residents. At this Community Meeting, staff received consensus from the residents to move forward with the selected alternative.

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National Night Out Block Party on Leland Way and Broadway (August 2, 2016)

City and Caltrans staff were stationed at a informational booth for the National Night Out block party on August 2, 2016 to answer questions from residents. At this event, residents provided feedback regarding the triangular-shaped landscape bulb-out that was planned for the northern limit of the Leland Way Streetscape Project. Residents informed staff that they wanted a much reduced area for landscaping due to concerns regarding the lack of parking and traffic circulation. These comments were incorporated into a revised conceptual streetscape alternative that was presented in Community Meeting #4.

Community Meeting #3 (Site Visit: June 2, 2016)

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, CDD Transportation Division staff hosted a community meeting for the Leland Way Streetscape Project which was attended by approximately ten residents as well as Mayor Talamantes and Vice-Mayor Rogers.  The purpose of this Project is to improve aesthetics by providing landscaping along a new soundwall built along Leland Way as part of the Interstate-5 / Empire Interchange Project.  The Project, funded by Metro Measure R funds, would create a landscaped median planted with trees and shrubs along the new Caltrans soundwall.  At the community meeting -- held at the corner of Leland Way and University Avenue -- city staff presented design alternatives for the proposed landscaping, and discussed potential street configurations that would provide the most landscaping while preserving vehicle circulation, parking, and emergency access. 


Residents were able to walk the street with City staff and consultants to identify concerns and envision possible landscaping treatments.  Based on initial feedback, residents expressed a preference for making the temporary one-way operation of the street permanent, which would calm traffic and maximize the landscaped area.  They supported design of a two-way painted cycle track that would provide recreational bicycle and walking opportunities on Leland while preserving access for emergency vehicles.  Residents also provided initial input on tree types and sizes to screen the wall.  Staff will use this feedback to proceed with design of the landscaping and return for another community meeting in late summer 2016.


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Community Meeting #2 (March 10, 2016)

The City of Burbank Community Development Department held a community meeting on March 10, 2016 at the Community Services Building to present landscaping and street configuration alternatives to be studied for the City’s Leland Way Streetscape Project.  A presentation was made by City staff outlining the existing conditions, project scope, timeline and budget, and initial proposed alternatives.  A majority of the meeting was devoted to discussions between residents, the City, and Stantec consulting about the project and preliminary streetscape alternatives for Leland Way.

Eight residents attended the community meeting, most of whom lived on Broadway, and one property owner on Leland Way. The community meeting was also attended by the Project Team which is comprised of the Transportation Division Staff, the Community Development Director, and engineers and a landscape architect from the consultant team.. Prior to the meeting, the City received one email communication, one phone communication, and one in-person discussion with residents who could not attend the meeting.  In order to address concerns from a resident in the project area who could not attend the community meeting, staff also conducted a one-on-one meeting earlier in the day.

Staff and residents discussed the preliminary project alternatives, and the tradeoffs in budget, landscaping or street configuration that would be made from one alternative to the next. Based on these discussions, City staff believes that there was positive interest expressed and a strong desire about the Project moving forward.  Residents noted support for opportunities for mitigating I-5 construction impacts by screening the new soundwall, freeway signage, and addressing on-street parking needs of the residents. The consensus from the residents was to support a one-way road configuration while maintaining the existing curb on the east side of Leland Way, to maximize opportunities within the budget and the right-of-way for landscaping along the new soundwall. Residents also expressed support for a walking tour of the project area as part of the next community meeting, to be held in Spring 2016.

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Community Meeting #1 (October 29, 2014)

Residents attended a Community Meeting to receive information on the Leland Way Streetscape Project purpose and intent.

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