Information Technology Department

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Our Mission

The Information Technology Department is committed to serving the business operations of the City by providing enterprise-wide integrated system solutions and high-quality customer service to ensure the efficient utilization of technology resources and investments.

Our Services

The IT Department provides centralized technical service to more than 1,500 City employees working in over 20 departments and divisions and acts as a consultant for all of the City’s technological needs.

Our Divisions

The Information Technology Department comprises a staff of thirty-five which encompass three Divisions: Administration; Network Management and Technical Services; and Application Services and Support, including Geographical Information System (GIS).

Administration Division is the central management and coordination point for the Information Technology Department. This division provides administrative support to the Department; is responsible for managing the business operations of IT; as well as providing a vision for the organization and developing plans for the future of technology in the City. The Administrative staff responsibilities include the coordination of administrative activities between divisions; budget development and financial management; procurement and accounts payable for all technology purchases citywide; product license, software and maintenance contract management; personnel administration; statistical analysis and reporting; preparation of staff reports to the City Council; as well as interdepartmental project management and executive level departmental communications.

Network Management and Technical Services is comprised of two sections: Network Management and Technical Services and Support.

Network Management is responsible for administration and management of the City’s information networks which include all technology infrastructure, servers, user accounts, security, storage, e-mail, Internet access, back-up and recovery, capacity planning, and escalated help desk support. Additionally, the Division is responsible for supporting remote access connectivity to participating cities and staff, the wireless bridge network, Public Library network and data center management.

Technical Services and Support is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all computers and related equipment and providing Help Desk Support to staff that experience problems with computers, peripheral devices, and software applications. Support includes phone assistance and field services for on-site problem resolution or warranty repair. All requests are logged and tracked for problem resolution.

Application Services and Support is responsible for all new systems development, database management and administrative services, interface development, and ongoing support including customer education in end user technology tools. The Division performs analysis of business and technical requirements, assists in the vendor selection and contract award of software contractors and implementers. The Division develops and implements software standards, provides project management for system implementations and upgrades, and conducts modifications to software systems and applications. In addition, the Division is responsible for managing and maintaining the City's software systems, including but not limited to: Oracle Human Resource and Financial Systems; BWP Customer Information System; public safety systems for both Police and Fire; Enterprise Permitting and Licensing; and electronic document management.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is responsible for the City’s Enterprise GIS which is integrated through the entire organization. GIS represents the digital record of the City’s land base and utility networks including parcels, lot lines, electric, telecommunication, and water and sewer systems. GIS allows City staff to manage, share, and use spatial data and related information to address a variety of needs, including data creation, modification, visualization, analysis, and dissemination. The GIS Team is responsible for providing technical leadership, planning and integration support, and citywide coordination of GIS projects. Additionally, GIS staff manages the GIS software and licenses, applications, databases, and educating City staff and the public on how to use the GIS tools available. Visit Burbank’s public GIS website for access to GIS maps, data, and applications.

Our Awards

The City of Burbank has received two MISAC Awards for Excellence in Information Technology Practices from the Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC). These awards were received during the 2010-2011 and 2004-2005 calendar years. MISAC is a statewide organization of information technology professionals from over 200 cities and special districts. The association promotes peer-to-peer communication among municipal IS professionals, offers professional development and enrichment, and strategic planning that supports the advancement of information systems as an integral part of government’s infrastructure.

The Award for Excellence acknowledges local government efforts of exemplary performance that exceed industry IT practices by recognizing public agencies that excel in the efficient and innovative use of technology. The award signifies that an agency has met or exceeded MISAC standards in the areas of Technology Governance, Strategic Planning, Policies and Procedures, Budgeting and Purchasing, Operations and Staffing, Customer Satisfaction, Project Management, Professional Development and Training Emergency Management, and GIS and Enterprise Security.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please contact the Information Technology Department at 818.238.5080.

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