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BLCAC logo RightThe Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center (BLCAC) is located at 1100 West Clark Avenue in the George Izay Park. The Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center offers a pottery studio, classroom and art gallery.  Programs at the center include a variety of art classes for both children and adults in the visual arts.  The city of Burbank Parks and Recreation Department first opened an arts center in the late 1950s.  The current building was dedicated and opened in April 1989.  

Betsy Lueke was a long time resident of Burbank and worked for the Burbank Parks and Recreation Department for 36 years.  During her 36-year tenure she was instrumental in developing an Art Master Plan.  In 1976 she founded the Fine Arts Federation and served as the Executive Director for 17 years.  In recognition of Betsy Lueke’s contribution to cultural arts in Burbank, the Creative Arts Center was renamed the Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center in 2018. Classes can be viewed in the 
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Exhibit Title   

The Collective - An exhibition of Ceramic 
Art from Southern California Artists

October  4 - 24, 2019THe Collective new

The collective is a group of local Southern California artists primarily working in the ceramics medium who create a variety of stunning works ranging from the purely functional, to expressive vessels, and unique forms of sculpture, all in a wide tapestry of color and textural surfaces.

This collective of eight artists includes; Ray Yocum, whose work contains Japanese influences and a particular zen aesthetic due to the improvisation, and “spontaneity” in stretching, ripping, and distorted manipulation involved in creating his works.  CJ Jilek creates works inspired by the sensuality of the natural world and draws upon botanical forms and their openly displayed reproductive elements as a metaphor for human sexuality.  Her works are color and texturally intense and exude an organic vibrancy.  Jack Halpern’s work utilizes the primitive process of pit/smoke firing to achieve strong, contrasting surface tones on sculptural forms inspired by ancient archeological ceramic relics.  His hand-built works contemporary in design employ rich natural textures and organic beauty.

The work of Brian Peshek is varied in type, style, technique, and process.  He has an eclectic body of work including sculptural vessels, functional tea bowls, and a series of graphics works incorporating stock iconography in creating pictogram puzzles.  Gina Lawson Egan is a figurative ceramic sculptor with a focus on the human head and facial features which also investigates the archetypal female figure.  The work of Janet Neuwalder’s exists outside the realm of name’s, but instead is reminiscent of something, sometime, or someplace.  Her mysterious works of a mix of rough and smooth, dry and shiny really draws you in to investigate.  David Kiddie’s recent sculptural works in clay are directly inspired by the structure of life forms found at the microscopic level.  Heidi Kreitchet imbues her work with passion, power, animation, and elasticity.  Her works are often wood-fired, explore line and gesture and are derived from the concept of the vessel.
Please join us on the evening of Friday, October 4th 2019 for an exhibition of this group’s most recent works.

Opening reception: Friday, October 4 - 24, 2019, 7 pm - 9 pm


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