Recycled Water Use In Burbank Parks

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Virtually every park in Burbank is irrigated with recycled water.  In a time of drought, when drinking water is in short supply, Burbank's parks are offsetting over 100 million gallons of drinking water, year after year!

drought proofYou may have seen the purple "Drought-Proofed" signs dotting our parks and other City locations served with recycled water.  The signs showcase sites that are protecting Burbank's water supply.  These sites are exempt from watering restrictions in place for precious drinking water resources.  If you see a park or the Chandler Bikeway being irrigated on a day when you are not allowed to water your lawn, the reason is recycled water is being used.

Recycled water has greater salt content which means a longer run time is needed to push the salt below the root zone.  Recycled water comes from Burbank's Wastewater Treatment Facility and is approved for all uses except drinking.  Burbank has a durable supply of recycled water.  The more water is used, the better as it helps recharge our local aquifer.


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