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Burbank Athletics Walk of Fame Members



Induction: October 11, 2008

Mike Acosta started his playing career in the Burbank Sports Leagues in 1957. He grew up in Burbank and graduated from Burbank High School. After graduating, he started working summers with the Park and Recreation and Community Services Department. While attending dental school, Mike worked in the “Summer Parks” program, officiated basketball and softball games, and worked in the Sports Office.

In 1974, Mike graduated from dental school and started coaching Hap Minor Baseball with fellow Walk of Fame inductee, Rollie Bigbee. When Mike’s children became old enough to play sports, he coached and officiated Hap Minor baseball, Ponytail Softball, and basketball. Mike’s tremendous 34 years of coaching and officiating experience led him to be appointed to the BAF Board, where he served for 10 years.


Induction: October 6, 2007

Mary Alvord was born and raised in Burbank and graduated from John Burroughs High School. She began her sports career in 1962, playing on a Ponytail Softball team called the “Drifters.”
In 1970, Mary began working for the Park, Recreation and Community Services Department. In 1973, she was promoted to organize girls’ and womens’ sports programs. Mary continued to work for the City of Burbank in progressively responsible positions throughout her career, being appointed Department Director in 1990 and City Manager in 2003. Mary’s greatest sense of pride comes from the completion of capital projects during her tenure as Director. Under her leadership many sports facilities were built or renovated including; the Izay (Olive) Park ballfield renovations and construction of Burbank City’s Stadium, Burbank Tennis Center, hockey rink at Foy Park, and Valley Park Skate Park. Additional facilities include the Colony Theatre, Creative Arts Center, Starlight Bowl, and Stough Canyon Nature Center.

Induction: October 30, 2004

Kevin Anderson’s involvement with the Burbank Sports Leagues began as young child. From 1958-1967, he played flag football at Izay (Olive) Park on the “Olive Pits.” Kevin also played Hap Minor baseball and basketball and was coached by locally well-known leaders Dick Baker, Tom Hagenbach, and Gordon Martin.

In 1967, Kevin starting coaching youth basketball, flag football, and baseball. He was passionate about sports and inspired many children to pursue athletics in high school and college. From 1969-1997, Kevin played men’s softball, basketball, and flag football, including 18 years on the “Sunrise Film” softball team. He also worked with City of Burbank staff and fellow Burbank Walk of Fame inductees, Gordon Martin and Bill Burton develop the six-foot and under basketball league and the adult football passing league.

Induction: October 6, 2007

Ken Bailey has been continuously coaching youth in the Burbank Sports Leagues for over 30 years. He has stated that some of his closest friendships have been established as a result of the relationships he made while coaching.
In 1975, Ken began coaching youth sports. In 1978, he starting coaching his daughter Kim in Ponytail Softball and his son Kevin in basketball and Hap Minor baseball. After his children grew up, Ken continued to coach basketball and flag football teams with fellow Walk of Fame Inductee, Mike Graceffo. As a high school teacher, Ken understands the value of coaching and teaching in sports programs. Ken’s most rewarding aspect of coaching is to see the athletes go on to be successful in high school and college sports programs. Many of his athletes have come back and told him how much their experience playing in the Burbank sports program had a positive impact on their lives.

Jim Barnfather

Induction: October 2, 2010

Jim Barnfather moved to Burbank as a young boy and began his playing career in the Burbank Sports Leagues when he was eight years old.  He played in the Burbank Police Athletic League (PAL) and Hap Minor baseball, flag football, and basketball leagues until he entered high school.  He participated with fellow Walk of Fame inductees, Mickey DePalo, Don Ludwig, and Ed Pape. 

 Jim has participated, coached, and officiated in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Sports Leagues for 55 years.  Jim began his coaching career in 1976 with the “Victor Deli Dodgers”, coaching his son, John.  He also coached his daughter, Kim’s, “Calvary Bible Kittens” softball, basketball, and volleyball teams.  With his wife Linda’s encouragement, he returned to coaching 4 years ago with his grandson Adam’s “Calvary Bible Cubs” baseball team.

Induction: October 11, 2008

Steven Beardsley started his Burbank sports career in 1962, playing in the Police Athletic League (PAL) softball program. After graduating from John Burroughs High School, he joined the United States Air Force. When he returned home from his tour of duty, he started coaching Hap Minor Baseball.

In 1989, Steven started umpiring baseball and softball in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Youth Sports leagues. Officiating soon became his passion. Today, he officiates Burbank baseball, basketball, and football games, helps recruit and train youth officials, and officiates CIF interscholastic high school games. Steven’s playing, coaching, and officiating knowledge led him to be selected to serve on the BAF Board, where he has served since 1999.   

Induction: October 1, 2005

Rollie Bigbee grew up in Burbank and graduated from John Burroughs High School. From 1944-1985, he participated in the Burbank Sports Leagues. As a youth, he played Police Athletic League (PAL) softball, flag football, and basketball. As an adult, he played basketball and fast pitch softball.

From 1957-1987, Rollie worked for the Burbank Unified School District at Luther Burbank Junior High School. From 1957-1980, Rollie coached youth basketball. In 1968, he started working for the Burbank, Park, Recreation and Community Services Department and was assigned to the Sports Office. He supervised Hap Minor baseball, Ponytail Softball, youth flag football, adult basketball and adult softball. He also worked to organize the Burbank Junior Olympics for track and field. During Rollie’s spare time, he officiated basketball and flag football. In 1981, he was appointed to the Park, Recreation and Community Services Board and served until 1987.

Induction: October 30, 2004

Jan Broneer’s involvement in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department organized sports programs encompassed over five decades. In 1959, she began her playing career with Ponytail Softball. She played for nine seasons on the “Darling Debs” and the “Rag Dolls.” Jan later transitioned from youth program participation to adult softball and basketball.

In 1968, Jan began coaching and managing the girls Ponytail Softball team, “Charlie Brown’s All-Stars.” Following a long hiatus, she returned to coaching with her son’s T-ball team in 1980. Later, she coached both her son’s Hap Minor baseball team and her daughter’s Ponytail Softball team. She continued coaching girls softball, basketball, and volleyball until 1990. Jan and her husband and fellow inductee Paul Broneer taught fundamental skill development and stressed working hard and displaying good sportsmanship.

Induction: October 30, 2004

Paul Broneer’s participation in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services programs spanned five decades. Paul served as a volunteer coach in the youth sports programs for 13 years, coaching T-ball, Ponytail Softball, and girls basketball.
In 1959, Paul’s playing career started with the “7-Up Cubs” baseball team and flag football “Bandits” team. Paul was involved in virtually all phases of the organized sports programs as a participant, coach, game official, staff member, and loyal fan. He and his wife, and fellow inductee, Jan Broneer, coached and stressed fundamentals, playing hard, and displaying good sportsmanship. As an adult, Paul played softball, and basketball. He played 12 seasons of men’s slow pitch softball, 4 seasons on the “Just For Fun” coed softball team, and 3 seasons on the “Old Stuff” six-foot and under basketball team.

Induction: October 5, 2019 

The Burbank Foothill Civitan Club has sponsored and volunteered for the Burbank Parks and Recreation baseball and softball programs for decades.  Since 1956, the Civitan Clubs have hosted the Civitan Day and Ponytail Jamboree events at the end of each baseball and softball season. The Club’s involvement includes coordinating a team parade, organizing and volunteering at individual skills contests, purchasing and presenting trophies, and buying and cooking hot lunches for every player, manager and coach at the season finale event.  To date, The Civitan Club has also sponsored approximately 126 teams. Originally two separate clubs, the Burbank Civitan Club and Foothill Civitan Club recently combined to offer sponsorship and volunteerism to other Burbank organizations.  Through generous sponsorship, the Burbank Foothill Civitan Club has made it possible for over 1,500 children to participate in team athletics.

Induction: October 30, 2004

Bill Burton was raised in Burbank and graduated from Burbank High School. He began his career with the Burbank Sports Office in 1957 and retired in 1990 after 33 years of service (all in the Sports Office). In appreciation of his dedication to the City of Burbank, Izay Ballfield #2 is named after him. Bill Burton passed away in 2000.

Bill was instrumental in developing many of the adult and youth sports programs. He helped invent the slow pitch softball rubber home plate extension. He created the universally used California tie-breaker system to avoid tie games in fast pitch softball. He developed programs such as boy’s bantam basketball, men’s flag football passing league, men’s six-foot and under basketball, and men’s senior softball programs. Bill was recognized by the Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF) with a Lifetime Membership Award in 1991 and by the Associated Industrial Recreation Council (AIRC) with an Outstanding Contribution Award.

Induction: October 8, 2011

Russ Burton was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Burbank, playing baseball at Burbank High School and then at Glendale College.  In 1944 at the age of 15, he played in the first ever youth baseball program in Burbank.  For the next 67 years, Russ would stay involved in Burbank sports programs as a coach, manager, or player.

Russ managed, coached and played fast pitch softball for numerous championship teams, including the Compton Shoe Repair team that won the City Championship in 1952.  He is also the father of five boys and one daughter and coached his oldest son Rich in the Hap Minor Baseball program.  Russ was very active with Burbank's Senior Softball program as a player and manager for the Bluebirds, one of the leagues founding teams.  Russ can still be found on the diamond every Tuesday & Thursday morning working out with former Bluebird teammates.  Russ is also the brother of Bill Burton, a fellow Walk of Fame inductee.  

Campbell, Maynard

Induction: October 6, 2007

Maynard Campbell was instrumental in the early development of youth baseball programs in the City. Stricken with Polio, Maynard did not let his disability get in his way.
In the late 1940’s, Maynard organized his first boy’s baseball team in Burbank. The team was comprised of a few boys that had been cut from their Little League team. After his initial coaching experience, he worked with City staff and fellow Burbank Walk of Fame inductees Dewey Kruckeberg and Kenny Wattenberger to develop a baseball program in Burbank. This program became the precursor to the Hap Minor Boys Baseball program. As an active member of the Burbank Civitan Club, Maynard was instrumental in organizing the first Civitan Day Parade and Baseball Jamboree. He was the backbone of the Civitan Day Parade and Baseball Jamboree for 20 years until his health limited his involvement in organizing the event.


Induction: October 11, 2008

Al Davis started playing Hap Minor baseball and basketball in Burbank in 1953. He also umpired baseball for 7 years. However, he is most remembered for his extensive coaching career in youth basketball, baseball and softball.

Al was a very inspirational and successful coach in the Burbank Sports Leagues in the1970’s and 1980’s. One important aspect that makes him stand out in the Burbank sports program is that he coached youth for over 20 years and did not have any of his own children in the program. Al coached the “Davis’ Dunkers” basketball teams for 15 years and “Davis’ Destroyers” Ponytail Softball team for 7 years. Many of Al’s teams won league championships and continued on to represent Burbank in the San Gabriel Valley SCMAF Championships. In the 1980’s, the “Davis’ Dunkers” basketball team won five SCMAF championships.

Induction: June 5, 2004

Gus De Felicis’ involvement in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department organized sports programs spanned six decades. His participation began with playing men’s fast pitch softball in 1952 and continued (including a stint on the locally famous ‘Karl’s Shoes’ team) for 28 years.

As passionately as Gus played all sports, he found true joy in coaching. Coach Gus, as he has been affectionately called, had an enthusiasm for sports that was contagious. He coached youth sports from 1985-1979; including youth flag football for 21 seasons, basketball for 15 seasons, baseball for 11 seasons, and softball for 8 seasons. One of the highlights of his coaching experience was when he and his son Tony, coached his grandson Tyson’s T-ball team. In 2008, Gus was inducted into his home-state Pennsylvania, Interscholastic Athletic League Hall of Fame.

Induction: October 3, 2009

Tony De Felicis grew up in Burbank and became involved in the Burbank Sports Leagues in 1966, when his father Gus (Walk of Fame Inductee), signed him up to play flag football. He attended Bret Harte Elementary School, played basketball and flag football, and later graduated from John Burroughs High School.

It wasn't long before he started working in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department as a field supervisor. In 1972, Tony also started coaching basketball, Hap Minor baseball, and Ponytail softball. After college, Tony became Executive Pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church, and started a sports outreach program. He eventually organized over 20 youth and adult teams to participate in the Burbank Sports Leagues. These teams continued to participate in the City’s leagues for over 10 years.
Induction: October 3, 2009

Mike Delaney moved to Burbank in 1964. He attended Edison Elementary School and played in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department, Hap Minor baseball program. Mike also participated on the John Burroughs High School swim team and water polo team and graduated in 1975.

Mike coached his children, Jake, Michelle, and Christina in baseball, basketball, flag football, and softball in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services sports teams. When he first began coaching girls softball, he thought he’d coach for about one or two years. However, when he discovered how much fun it was to take a group of girls and teach them to play together as a team, that he decided to stick with it. Mike has been coaching softball for over 25 years and is currently the girls softball coach at Village Christian High School. 


Induction: October 6, 2007

Mickey DePalo describes himself as a McCambridge Park “Hard Core Park Rat.” He first participated in Police Athletic League (PAL) softball in 1957 and played multiple sports throughout his childhood.
In 1965, Mickey began his career with the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department. After a tour of duty in the United States Army, he resumed his career with the City. He participated in softball and basketball leagues and later turned to coaching youth sports teams. As part of his career with the City, Mickey worked in the Sports Office coordinating boy’s baseball, basketball and flag football leagues. Mickey also coached his son Michael’s basketball team. Mickey believed it was important to provide positive experiences for children. In addition, Mickey served as race director for the annual Run for the Hungry event and is a member and chair of the Burbank Veterans Committee. Throughout his career, Mickey has been an accomplished long distance runner. He retired from the City in 2008. 

Dunaway, Bill
Induction—October 1, 2016

Bill was inspired to coach by his good friend and 2010 Walk of Fame Inductee Al Peppi.  Bill and Al were co-workers and fast friends because of their love for USC.  Both being avid basketball lovers, Al asked Bill to help him coach his daughter’s bantam basketball team, the Ragamuffins, in 1979.  From then on, Bill fell in love with coaching. 

Bill continued coaching with Al and other Walk of Fame Inductees such as Don Jensen and Ken Bailey, plus many other people who have become life long friends.  He loves helping girls improve their skills, but mostly enjoys being a positive role model in their lives.  Bill now shares  meaningful  friendships with many of his past players and their families. 

Bill played basketball throughout his life, and has participated in Burbank’s Men’s basketball, and softball leagues.    Bill  continues to be an assistant coach with the John Burroughs High School girls basketball and softball teams for over 15 years.


Induction: October 6, 2012

Cindy Dyer has loved baseball as long as she can remember. She began her playing career in 1973 when her parents enrolled her in the Burbank Ponytail Softball program at the age of eight. Cindy continues to play softball to this day and has also been involved with coaching youth teams on and off since 1986.

Cindy has many great memories of being a player. Some of those include the excitement and nervousness of her first youth games, impressing the fans as a catcher with her quick throw downs to second base and making the all-star teams. As a coach, seeing her players apply the knowledge she taught them on the field and in life has reenforced why she started coaching in the first place. Cinday was influenced by many people during her life, including fellow WOF Inductees Mary Alvord and Al Peppi. These people and her involvement in sports led her to a career as a physical education teacher and she is still active as a teacher, player and coach today.

Carol 1 - Edit for web

Induction: October 5, 2019

Carol (Cutter) Finkle was raised in Burbank where she began her love of sports and lifetime of participation,
volunteerism and administration.  As a self-proclaimed “park rat”, Carol took swim lessons, was a Junior Lifeguard, played in the youth badminton program, competed in the first Ponytail Softball season and was the Citywide Yoyo champ in 1957.  As an adult, Carol has coached in the Ponytail league, participated in adult softball, coached and managed adult volleyball teams for over 30 years, while continuing to play in the volleyball and pickleball programs weekly. In 2001, Carol retired from the Burbank Parks and Recreation Department, having worked in the sports office for many years in different capacities.  She moved up the ranks from part time to full time working many adult and youth programs along the way.   As a full time employee, she became a member of the Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF), and served as a Board Member.   Carol coordinated the youth sports programs where she assisted in growing the Ponytail softball program to more than double in size within four years.    She is grateful for the fun times working alongside fellow Walk of Fame Inductees Mary Alvord, Bill Burton and Barbara Rownd, as well as Parks and Recreation staff: Eric Hansen, Joan Sarber, and Teri Stein.

Induction: October 6, 2007

Bill Flora, born and raised in Burbank, graduated from Burbank High School. In the 1940’s through the 1960’s, Bill played softball and basketball. He played for well-known local softball teams “Lockheed Lightning's,” “Teco Tigers,” and “Martino’s.”
In 1942, Bill began working summers sports programs with the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department. From 1943 to 1946 he served in the United States Navy during World War II. Upon his return from service he continued working summers for the Sports Office. In 1948, he began his teaching career at John Burroughs High School. After 35 years working at Burroughs, he retired as an Assistant Principal in 1983. Bill served on the BAF for 13 years from 1985-1998. He also was inducted into the Burroughs Athletic Hall of Fame.

Frankian, James

Induction:  October 4, 2014

Jim’s Burbank Athletics career started in the 3rd grade while playing in the Hap Minor Baseball League.  This began an involvement in Burbank competitive sports that continues to this day.  His accomplishments include 57 seasons of baseball, softball, football and basketball.  While at Burroughs High School, he played varsity football and basketball and was All-Foothill League.  He was inducted into JBHS Athletic Hall of Fame as a member of the 1981 varsity football team.

Jim coached his own children for many years in baseball, softball, flag football and basketball.  Along with coaching, Jim’s business sponsored every one of his teams.  The RTF&A Panthers was a common name in all Burbank sports.  Throughout his involvement, he stressed how to face adversity, acquiring new skills and teamwork.

Induction: October 11, 2008

Al Fredrickson was born and raised in Burbank. As a child, he grew up participating in the recreation programs at (Izay) Olive Park, Mountain View Park, and the McKinley School After School Playground. In 1969, he started playing Hap Minor Baseball basketball and flag football.

Al’s fondest memories was when he won the Junior Frisbee Championship in 1973 and 1974. This experience eventually led him to assisting Walk of Fame inductee, Bill Burton, and Sports Office staff in creating the Burbank Adult Ultimate Frisbee League, which played from 1980-1985. Sports is a big part of Al’s life. He played adult slow-pitch softball on “Schafer Electric” and has served as assistant coach in the women’s fast pitch softball league.

Induction: October 6, 2007

During his youth growing up in Burbank, Laban Freeman played Sack-It and Over-the-Line at Izay (Olive) Park. In 1961, he began his involvement in the City’s sports programs playing on the “Mohawks” in the Hap Minor Baseball program.
As an adult, Laban briefly played in adult flag football and later turned to fast pitch softball. In 1977, Laban transitioned to coaching a women’s fast pitch softball team, a team he continued to coach in the league 19 years. Later he played co-ed softball on the “Switch Hitters” coached by Los Angeles Dodgers great first baseman and renowned switch hitter, Wes Parker. When his children Adam and Rachel were old enough, Laban added coaching Hap Minor baseball and Ponytail Softball to his coaching repertoire. Over the years, his City’s sports program involvement also included one season as an adult football official and four seasons as a youth baseball and softball umpire.

Induction: October 8, 2011

Ron Gobble grew up in Glendale, California and attended Glendale High School where he played three years of varsity baseball and football.  He began coaching in the Burbank Hap Minor Baseball program in 1984 at the request of his sister Donna who wanted Ron to coach her son Michael.  That began a 22 year coaching career including the sports of baseball, basketball, softball, and flag football.

Ron coached numerous young men and women, but the opportunity to coach his nephews and his own children will always be one of his fondest memories.  Ron's coaching philosophy was for his players to know the baic fundamentals, have fun, and enjoy whatever sport they were playing.  Also important ot Ron was that his players lerned teh values of hard work, sportsmanship, and respect for others.  These were life long values that could be carried on throughout their lives.  Over the years, Ron has also been active in the community being involved with teh PTA at his children's school, Burbank AWANA, and the Burbank Parochial, Babe Ruth and Little Leagues.  

Induction: June 5, 2004

Dan Gonzalez grew up in Burbank, attended Bellarmine Jefferson School, and participated in many of the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department sports programs. He touched many lives during his short life as an official, player, and especially as a coach.

Dan was well-known in the local sports community for his involvement in the Burbank sports programs. As a volunteer, he coached his daughters Tina and Pam in Ponytail Softball and youth basketball for a total of 21 seasons. Dan also enjoyed his role as a game official in softball and basketball. He spent many years umpiring and refereeing in Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Leagues before becoming the Umpire-in-Chief for three years from 1979 to 1981.

 Tom Gowanlock 3 - edit for web
Induction: October 5, 2019

Tom’s family moved to Burbank when he was in third grade, and he immediately started playing in the City of Burbank sports programs. When Tom’s younger brothers showed an interest in playing baseball, Tom eagerly stepped in to coach their teams in the Hap Minor Baseball league. Tom loved coaching and quickly became a role model for his brothers and players. Tom and a few buddies from work started a men’s slow pitch softball team in 1979. They called themselves the “Cubs”. 40 years later, Tom is still the team manager for the Cubs and has been for 123 consecutive seasons! Their championship shirts are proudly displayed in Tom’s garage known as, “the Cub house”. Looking back on the 46 years of coaching and participating in Burbank sports programs, some of Tom’s most meaningful moments have happened with his teammates. “I can remember celebrating a teammate’s 30th birthday after a game, and 30 years later, celebrating his 60th birthday after a game with the majority of the same guys.  What other activity would allow someone to have an experience like that?” says Tom.  “Burbank Sports programs have allowed me to stay close to my brothers and build life-long friendships with my teammates. 

Induction: October 14, 2006

Mike Graceffo was born, raised, and still lives in Burbank. As a child, he played Hap Minor baseball, flag football, and basketball, and he later went on to play baseball at John Burroughs High School.

In 1976, when he was a senior in high school, Burbank Youth Sports Coordinator, Gordie Martin asked Mike and some other students if they would be interested in coaching a Hap Minor baseball team. Mike and a few friends thought it sounded like fun, and volunteered. Since then, Mike has coached in the City’s youth sports program. During his 30 years of coaching, Mike always stresses sportsmanship. His teams have won many championships in Hap Minor baseball, flag football, and youth basketball. Mike’s career with the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department began in 1975. In his spare time he coordinates athletic programs at St. Francis Xavier School.

 Tino Grimaldo - Edit for webTINO GRIMALDO 
Induction: October 5, 2019 

Tino Grimaldo was inspired to start coaching by fellow Walk of Fame member, Tom McDonald, and his family because of their heavy involvement in volunteer coaching.  Tino had a natural passion for volunteering and helping kids in the community.   In 1999, Tino began coaching his son and daughters in the Hap Minor Baseball and Ponytail Softball League.   Even after Tino’s kids outgrew the programs, he continued to coach in the Hap Minor and Burbank Players Baseball Leagues. Connecting with the players as a coach and mentor is Tino’s favorite part of coaching.  Besides teaching baseball skills and strategies, he has been able to encourage, guide, and counsel many youth towards a path of success. Coaching has also brought Tino closer to his own children: Nicole, Allie, Jose, and Beatrice Grimaldo.  Tino has volunteered for many other organizations in the community, and has served as President and CEO of other leagues such as the Parochial League, Saint Finbar Baseball League and Burbank Players League.


Induction: October 14, 2006

Bob Harman was very active in coaching, participating, and officiating in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services youth and adult sports leagues. From 1973-1992, he coached both his children’s youth sports teams. He returned to coaching in the youth sports program in 2001, when he coached his grandson’s Hap Minor T-ball, baseball, and flag football teams.

Bob was a longtime participant in the men’s softball and senior softball leagues. For nearly four decades, he also officiated in the Hap Minor baseball, Ponytail Softball, ASA softball, flag football, and adult softball programs. Upon Bob’s passing in January 2006, his family established the Robert Harman Memorial Sports Fund to support less fortunate children, who are unable to pay registration fees or buy equipment needed to participate in Burbank youth sports leagues.

Harvey, Edward R.
Induction:  October 4, 2014

Ed was born and raised in Burbank and started playing what is now known as the Hap Minor Baseball League in 1939.  He went on to  play in various baseball, softball and basketball leagues in Burbank for over 40 years. He played baseball at Burbank High School all three years.  

Ed had a true love of sports and was always willing to teach the game.  He coached and managed boys baseball and mens fastpitch for many years starting in1957.  He was involved with teams such as Mighty Mites, Burbank Buffalos, Karl’s Shoes, Valley Merchants, Rain Jet Jets, Harvey’s Bengals and Ray Max Productions.  He enjoyed playing with fellow inductees: Bill and Russ Burton, Chuck Lisi, Mickey DePalo, Kevin Anderson, Jim Lloyd and Blackie Winters.


Induction: October 14, 2006

In 1957, Terre Hirsch began playing baseball, flag football, and other sports in the Burbank Sports Leagues. He was coached by some of the legends in Burbank including Maynard Campbell, Red Bridges, Joe Stein, Rollie Bigbee, Jim Lloyd, and Lefty Thomas. In 1969, Terre transitioned from playing baseball to playing adult softball. When his daughters were old enough, Terre transition from player to coach. From 1981-1988 Terre coached his daughters in Ponytail Softball, basketball, and volleyball.

In 1985, Terre was appointed to the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Board. During his 20-year tenure, he was instrumental in providing oversight and guidance in the development of several sports facilities in the City. This includes the construction of the Burbank City Stadium in 1996, Foy Park Roller Hockey Rink in 1997, Burbank Tennis Center in 1997, and Providencia School Soccer Field in 2000.

Induction: October 6, 2012

In 1969, Doug played on his first Burbank Bantam basketball team.  That started him off on a playing, coaching and working career that would cover a span of 31 years.   

In his youth, Doug played basketball, baseball and flag football, then continued playing as an adult in the men's basketball and softball programs. He is quick to say he benefited from the generous investment of Burbank leaders such as Kevin Anderson, Don Ludwig, Terry Scott, Rollie Bigbee, Bill Cooke, Glenn Tracey, Paul Graber, Tillie Scheaffer and Lew Stone as well as Mickey DePalo, who inducted him. As a coach, he started out coaching his younger brother and kids from his neighborhood and then finally got to coach his own son and daughters.  Doug always took pride in the fact that his teams focused on character and preparation rather than the statistics or the win-loss column.  He was also a scorekeeper, umpire, referee and worked for the Sports Office as a field and gym supervisor.  Doug and his wife Denise currently reside in Indian Hill, Ohio where they raised their four children.  In Ohio, he was a member of the Recreation Commission and ran the community’s youth basketball programs.


Jensen, Don
Induction:  October 3, 2015

Don started playing in the Burbank Parks and Recreation Athletic programs as a youth when his parents signed him up to play Bantam Flag Football, Basketball and Hap Minor Baseball.  In 1971, he was even selected to play in an All-Star Basketball game at half time of a Laker game at the Forum.  Don played on a variety of teams including the Indians, Bears, Rams and Milk Toast Express.

Through sports, Don learned discipline, a good work ethic, competitiveness, sportsmanship and teamwork., which he applies to his own  life. Along with proper techniques, Don tries to instills these lifetime virtues in his players. Starting in 1978, some of the teams he has coached include Ragamuffins, Stealers, and many “Fire” teams (Fireworks, Firebirds, Firestorm, and more).  .  Of his years coaching, he feels it has truly been a “team effort”.


Induction: October 14, 2006

Russ Johnson moved to Burbank in 1946. His passion for coaching began when he coached volleyball at a local orphanage. From 1973-1984, Russ coached his sons Glen and Gary in Hap Minor baseball, flag football, and basketball.

Russ was known and respected for his teaching fundamentals, discipline, and sportsmanship. One of the most rewarding aspects for Russ in sports was to see his players do well and enjoy their success. Russ continued to be involved in coaching even after his sons became adults. He coached many seasons with fellow inductee Mike Graceffo. Russ was the coach of “Ray’s Union 76’ers” in Hap Minor baseball, flag football, and basketball for 25 years. In 1998, he was inducted into the Catholic Youth Organization Hall of Fame.


Induction: June 5, 2004

Dewey Kruckeberg was hired by the City of Burbank in 1934 as a Superintendent of Park, Recreation and Community Services. During his 28 year leadership, the City completed Izay (Olive) Park, which included Olive Recreation Center, Memorial Baseball Stadium, Burbank Little Theater, Auld Lang Syne building (located on the present site of the Creative Arts Center), and tennis courts; McCambridge (Glenoaks) Park, McCambridge Recreation Center, swimming pool, and tennis courts; as well as Verdugo Park including the Recreation Center, Lower Assembly Building, and swimming pool. In addition, he developed Brace Canyon Park, Johnny Carson (Buena Vista) Park, DeBell Golf Course, Pacific Park, Starlight Bowl, and Valley Park.

He retired in 1963, and was nationally recognized as a pioneer and the first in the nation to install outdoor athletic field mercury vapor lighting systems and an Olympic size swimming pool utilizing a multiple bottom jet feed system. 


Induction: October 2, 2010

Vi Lasky began her service with the City of Burbank in 1973 volunteering at McCambridge Park.  In 1977 she was hired as an Assistant Recreation Leader.  She remained at McCambridge Recreation Center and was known for running a very tight ship.  Open basketball and volleyball players knew to think twice before misbehaving when Vi was on duty.  She retired in 2002 after 25 years of service with the City of Burbank.  Vi soon found her way back and is now volunteering at the Tuttle Senior Adult Center.

Vi started playing adult volleyball in 1979 and continued to play through 1987.  When her children David and Sharon were old enough, she took on the role as manager, coach, and team mom of their various volleyball, basketball, softball and baseball teams.  Vi also participated on the Pony Tail Advisory Committee and worked with training and assigning your scorekeepers for PRCS leagues. She is thankful for all the friends she has made through her work, playing and coaching.

Lizarraga, Bob
Induction: October 1, 2016

Bob began playing baseball in 8th grade in the Burbank Hap Minor Program.  He continued on to Burbank High School where he learned to love the game.   In high school, he was asked to come back and help his Hap Minor coaches with their teams.  That is also about the time Bob decided baseball was what he wanted to do for his life.  Bob continued to play in college and professionally until a shoulder injury ended his career. 

Shortly after getting married and raising four kids, Bob began coaching his children in Hap Minor baseball and Ponytail softball, and continued coaching them throughout their careers.  Coaching became his passion, not only for his love of baseball, but for the opportunities to teach players to work hard, set and achieve goals, and to be coachable in all aspects of life. 

Lehman, Lynn
Induction:  October 4, 2014

In the fall of 1973, Lynn walked into the Sports

Office and picked up enough kids to start a Flag Football team and was hooked.  He then took a basketball and a baseball team and has been coaching most of the years since.  In 1974 he started coaching his daughter, Laurie on a Tball team.  He coached that softball team until the girls were 15 years old.  He managed and coached every one of his children and then his grandchildren for the next 3 1/2 decades. 

Lynn’s style of coaching was all about the children as he would never turn a child away.  Often paying team fees for children who couldn’t afford them.  Although he treated all children special, his coaching philosophy was that no one child was the star.  “We are a team.”  Lynn taught the kids a love of the game and a sense of accomplishment.

Induction: October 14, 2006

Chuck Lisi was born in Burbank and attend Burroughs High School. He worked for the Burbank Fire Department from 1963 until his retirement in 1994.  Chuck developed his love for baseball in 1948 at Izay (Olive) Park and Olive Recreation Center. The Recreation Center was his “home way from home.” Chuck grew up playing in the Hap Minor baseball program.

Chuck’s dedication to sports was reflected by the impact he had on so many youth. He coached basketball, Hap Minor baseball, flag football, Ponytail Softball, and tennis for a combined 38 years. He always taught fundamentals and stressed sportsmanship. When his children became adults, Chuck continued to coach in both the youth and adult sports program until 1994. He was involved in Hap Minor baseball, flag football, softball, tennis, or basketball leagues for six decades.


Induction: October 30, 2004

Jim Lloyd moved to Burbank in 1948 when he began teaching in the Burbank Unified School District. During his 35 year career, he also served as the football coach, athletic director, and Vice Principal at John Burroughs High School.

Jim was involved in the Burbank organized sports program for over 47 years. He played men’s fast pitch softball for many top teams in Burbank including the “Burbank Merchants“ and “Teco Tigers” (with fellow inductees Doyle Nave and Blackie Winter). He coached the “Optimist Club” softball team and “Jordan Jumpers” basketball team. His most significant contribution to the success of the Burbank organized sports programs was as a BAF Board Member. From 1969-1998, Jim served as a Board Member. He was instrumental in developing the league standards for fair play and good sportsmanship outlined in the BAF Player’s Code of Conduct.

Induction: October 11, 2008

Debbie Ludwig grew up in Burbank. In middle school she became involved in the Burbank Sports Programs when she participated in an All-Burbank City track meet.

After graduating from Burroughs High School in 1969, Debbie began working summers for the Park, Recreation and Community Services Department. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, Debbie became a physical education teacher. During her 28 year teaching career, she coached interscholastic volleyball, softball, basketball and served as girls’ athletic director.

In 1980, Debbie started coaching the Country Kids Ponytail Softball team. Debbie continued to coach in the youth sports program for 23 years. Her tremendous sports experience, training, and involvement with the Burbank organized sports programs, led her to her current position on the BAF Board, where she has served for 13 years.

Ludwig, Don

Induction: October 11, 2008

Don Ludwig moved to Burbank as a young boy and started his playing career in the Burbank Sports Leagues 1956. He played Hap Minor baseball, flag football, and basketball for several years. When he was old enough, he became a scorekeeper, game official, and eventually started working for the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department.

As a coach, Don shared his love of sports with the children. He coached and officiated Hap Minor baseball, basketball, and volleyball. While officiating, Don worked with Sports Office role models including Bill Burton, Gordie Martin, Rollie Bigbee, and Danny Rosoff. Don credits these men for encouraging him to pursue a career in the recreation profession. Don was later hired by University of Southern California as the Director of the Intramural Recreation Department. 

Induction: October 30, 2004

Al Madrid was hired by the Burbank Police Department in 1953. He served as a police officer for 30 years until his retirement in 1983. Al played men’s fast pitch softball for 16 years and was a player on the well-known Burbank team, “Goodyear Tire.”

As a police officer, Al was also involved in the Police Athletic League (PAL). The PAL league was a City youth sports league for 9-12 year old Burbank boys who were coached by local police officers. This program taught boys sportsmanship and life lessons that can be learned through involvement with sports. Al was an active volunteer coach in the program. In 1956, he assumed responsibilities for coordinating the program and became the backbone of the league for 15 years. In 1970, the PAL league evolved into the Hap Minor baseball league.


Induction: October 1, 2005

Gordie Martin was raised in Burbank and graduated from Burbank High School. In 1958, he was hired by the City of Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department and also started coaching youth baseball, basketball, and flag football.

In 1970, Gordie was assigned to work in the Sports Office. During his tenure, he had a significant impact in the youth sports program. He created the T-ball program and implemented rule modifications to improve the league. Such as, to prevent throwing arm injuries to pitchers, they were not permitted to throw a curveball in the younger age baseball divisions

Gordie also coached youth sports for three decades. He always encouraged his players to do their best and wanted each player to have a great experience and learn life skills. One of his players (Kevin Anderson) was inducted into the Burbank Athletics Walk of Fame in 2004.

McDonald, Tom
Induction: October 3, 2015

With encouragement from his father, Tom and his brothers grew up participating in sports and being a part of a team.  He feels lucky to have had some great coaches influence his life.  Chuck Laughlin, Ken Tada and Jack Morales were key forces.  Some of the teams he played on were: Dogpatch USA, Hale’s Comet, and Wrecking Crew. 

Tom wanted the same opportunities in the same great city for his own children.  He wanted to teach lifelong lessons that he learned from his coaches.  He coached all three of his children, through many sports.  Some of his teams include Burbank Mohawks, Dream Team and Dirtbags.  Furthermore, his business, McDonalds Insurance Agency, has been a strong supporter in  helping many teams financially.

Tom’s volunteerism also came as a 14-year member of the Burbank Athletic Federation working with many other inductees.

Induction: June 5, 2004

Mike McHorney’s involvement with the City of Burbank organized sports program began as a young player in Hap Minor baseball. As a youth, Mike played three seasons in Hap Minor baseball on the “Dip” team, from 1954 to 1956.

Mike coached his son John on the Hap Minor “Fleetwood Indians“ baseball team and sons David and Jim in baseball, basketball, and flag football on the “Two’s Company Trojans.” Later, he also coached his daughter Debbie’s Ponytail Softball team, “Daddy’s Angels” as well as her basketball and volleyball teams. As a volunteer he coached youth for 69 seasons, spanning 21 years. Mike instilled the values of good sportsmanship, fair play, and love of the game which will carry on for many generations to come.

Induction: October 30, 2004

After an illustrious career playing football at his alma mater USC, longtime Burbank resident Doyle Nave found time to participate during many of those years in the local Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department sports programs.

Doyle's initial Involvement was with Burbank organized sports programs, playing men’s fast pitch softball for several top teams including “Disney Studios” and “Teco Tigers” from 1946-1957. After retiring from play, he continued his involvement with the department. From 1959-1965, Doyle was a member of the Park, Recreation and Community Services Board. From 1976-1988 he was a member of the BAF Board. Doyle and the BAF were instrumental in creating the Player’s Code of Conduct which established sportsmanship guidelines for the Burbank Sports Leagues.

Nelson, Larry

Induction:  October 3, 2015

With encouragement from Mary, his wife and fellow inductee, Larry started participating in Burbank Athletics by playing in the Coed Softball league.  He enjoyed being around family and friends in a fun and rewarding environment.  He learned about the importance of physical activity and later instilled that in all the children he coached.

He was inspired by his wife and her involvement with the City of Burbank Aquatics program and by Walk of Fame inductee, Mary Alvord.  With his wife Mary as manager or head coach, Larry coached Bantam Basketball and Hap Minor Baseball with teams that included: The Reds, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Quicksilver, Admirals, Gravity and Swoosh.  He is very proud that many of the children he coached went on to work for the Burbank Parks and Recreation Department and continued on in sports.  He is amazed by the number of past players who still say "Hi coach", when seeing him.

Nelson, Mary
Induction: October 3, 2015

Mary grew up in Hollywood and every summer she would walk to the local swimming pool.  She joined the swim team and eventually became a lifeguard.  This started her passion for Aquatics.

Through her many years working with the Burbank Aquatics program, Mary had the support of wonderful supervisors such as Mary Alvord, Linda Oseransky, Gwen Indermill, Mickey DePalo, Dan LaBrado and Bill Langer.  With their support, she was to expand the Burbank Aquatics program.

Mary got involved in Burbank Sports when playing Coed Volleyball and Softball.  She then coached her children in Bantam Basketball and Youth Volleyball.  She has coached for over 32 years with teams such as the Avengers and Quicksilver.  Living and coaching in Burbank has made this seem like one large extended family.   

Her goal has been to instill the value of sports by physically educating children to gain knowledge, skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship and to gain confidence needed to overcome obstacles on and off the field.

Duane Nelson - Edit for web

Induction: October 5, 2019

Duane never expected that volunteering to help his friend coach a girls softball team would change his life forever.  Duane began coaching in 1992, where he first met his wife and fellow Walk of Fame inductee, Tiffany Nelson.  He quickly fell in love with coaching, the players and, of course, Tiffany.  The two coached the Implosion team through Ponytail softball, travel ball, and the Burbank women’s fastpitch league, with help from Walk of Fame inductees Bob Harmon and Terry Scott.  In 2000, they were married and began coaching their own children shortly after. Duane’s daughter, Piper, was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and his family dream of her playing softball fell by the wayside; however, with inspiration from their oldest son, Duane and Tiffany started “Piper’s Pals”, a team of children with special needs.  Duane’s fifth grade son’s team, the Wildcats, and his third grade son shadowed each Piper’s Pals player during practice and games, and assisted the players in achieving athletic success. The experience was not only rewarding for Duane and his family, but for the many teammates and opponents that were able to grow together in sportsmanship. Coaching has inspired Duane’s life in so many ways.  The players have become like his own children, and their families have become a part of his. After 27 years and over 400 kids, Duane is happy to continue inspiring his own and other children through the Burbank Parks and Recreation Department sports programs.

Tiffany Nelson
Induction: October 1, 2016

Tiffany loved softball from the first time she stepped on the field in fifth grade.  She was inspired throughout her life by her coaches Bob Harman, Ken Bailey, and father figure and mentor, Terry Scott (all Walk of Fame Inductees). As an only child to a single mother, her coaches became role models and her teammates became like sisters.

Tiffany began coaching in 1991 at 17 years old and hasn't stopped since.  She has used her love for coaching as a way to help kids feel accomplished.  Tiffany has always taken a special love to her players, calling them “her kids”.  She often takes players that have special needs, or no experience.  Her favorite part of coaching is watching the players develop, and inspiring their lives.  She has maintained many close friendships with past players, standing in each others weddings, sharing parenting stories and playing softball together.  Now married and a mom of three, Tiffany is coaching her own children in boys t-ball. 

DN 5 - Edit for web


Induction: October 5, 2019

Dawn Norvell began coaching in 1998, when she volunteered to coach her son’s Bantam basketball and Hap Minor baseball teams.  With the support from her husband, Robert Norvell, Dawn continued to coach all three of their children through 2015 in Ponytail softball, Hap Minor Baseball, Youth Volleyball, and Bantam Basketball, often coaching multiple teams in each season.  As if raising and coaching three children were not enough, Dawn took up officiating in Burbank Parks and Recreation programs, as well as CIF high school competitions. Currently, Dawn is a contract instructor for the City of Burbank teaching softball skills classes and camps, and is a private batting instructor.  One of Dawn’s proudest moments was when the Sports Office asked her to coach a child that was deaf.  With the help of an interpreter, the team learned sign language, changed their team signs to accommodate his abilities, and supported him on the field.   “I loved seeing how great our boys were with that player, how supportive the opposing teams were with him and our team, and how well the Parks and Recreation Department handled the situation.” said Dawn. “It was an honor to be asked to coach him.”   

Induction: October 11, 2008

Linda Oseransky grew up in Burbank and graduated from John Burroughs High School. As a child, she attended dances at Olive Recreation Center, competed in badminton, and also helped her mother, Betsy Lueke, who was a Program Coordinator with the City of Burbank.

In 1964 Linda started working for the Burbank Park and Recreation Department. During her 45 year career, she was assigned to work in the Sports Office for 20 years. Linda was fortunate to have been influenced by Burbank Sports Office legends such as Barbara Rownd, Bill Burton, Gordie Martin, and Kenny Wattenberger (all of whom have been inducted onto the Walk of Fame).

Linda was also an active volunteer on her sons Brady and Seth’s flag football, Hap Minor baseball, and basketball teams. She continued play multiple roles as team mom, manager, and coach for the boys teams for over 13 years.

Induction: October 3, 2009

Ed Pape became involved in the Burbank Sports Leagues when he was eight years old. He lived near Valley Park and hung out at the park all day long. One day, he was invited to participate on the Burbank A’s baseball team and learned to become a stand-out pitcher. He also played flag football and basketball, and went on to graduate from Burbank High School.

Ed was very involved in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Sports Leagues. He had several role models in his life including Walk of Fame Inductees, Gordy Martin, Bill Burton, and Blackie Winters. Ed worked as a volunteer scorekeeper and umpire for the adult softball and basketball program, and coached Hap Minor baseball, flag football, and women’s fast pitch softball. For several years he sponsored baseball and softball teams, Ed Pape Plumbing Phillies.

Induction: October 11, 2008

When Laurie Rasmussen-Patterson was a little girl, her Brownie Girl Scout Troop started a Ponytail Softball team called the Ragdolls in 1958. The Ragdolls wasn’t always known for winning championships, but that didn’t matter to the girls. They created such a strong bond that developed into lifelong friendships.

After high school, Laurie started managing the Ragdolls. Back then, Ponytail managers had to be women. So she and her fiancé Pat Patterson, and her father were the coaches. Laurie made sure to instill good sportsmanship, fair treatment of the girls, everybody plays, and enforce high standards of behavior. Laurie’s teammates and the parents of her players deeply appreciated working with her. Laurie was respected, and known for making the sports experience fun for everyone. This philosophy continued when she and Pat started coaching their daughters, Kristen and Kim, as their teams frequently were recognized by winning the sportsmanship award.

Induction: October 11, 2008

Pat Patterson first became involved in the Burbank sports leagues as in 1960 when he played Hap Minor baseball on the Brennan’s Pirates. In 1968, he started to help Chuck and Nila Rasmussen coach a Ponytail Softball team called, the Ragdolls. Pat’s fiancé, Laurie was managing the team. After watching the girls play, Pat was soon hooked and stuck with coaching softball.

When Pat and Laurie’s children were old enough, he was very involved in the youth spots program. For several years, Patterson Graphics donated the printing for the Hap Minor and Ponytail Softball All-Star Game programs. He also coached 2 teams, umpired games, helped out with the league, served as announcer during the All-Star Games, ran his own business, and was active in the community.

 Patterson, PAL PEPPI
Induction: October 2, 2010 

Al Peppi was very active in coaching and participating in the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services youth and adult sports leagues.  He played on several different teams in the Men’s Slow Pitch, Coed, and Church softball leagues between 1975 through 1994.  Over the past 20 years Al has enjoyed playing golf at DeBell Golf Course on a regular basis.

In 1975, Al began coaching and managing his daughters’, Kim and Teri’s, softball and basketball teams.  John Tinnel, Ragamuffins manager, first recruited Al to coach when the team was lacking volunteers.  Al enjoyed his coaching role and was ready to form his own team.  He credits Chuck Dellamarie with providing him the tools and guidance to get started.  He was further influenced by Bill Dunaway, Doug Riley, and fellow Walk of Fame inductee, Gerry Walls.  Al’s fondest memory is looking back and seeing the smiles on his players faces and watching them have fun.  

 Doug 1 - Edit for webDOUGLAS REILY 
Induction: October 5, 2019 

Although Doug coached baseball and softball for nearly twenty five years, coaching came about by happenstance. Doug volunteered to coach when his daughter’s coach needed to resign.  Little did he know that coaching would become a monumental part of his life.  He continued to coach his daughter’s softball team into adulthood, and his son’s team in the Hap Minor program.  Doug did not hesitate to return to the field to help coach his granddaughter's team for the last five years. Doug’s fondest memories were watching the kids improve and develop life-long friendships.  He coached with the intention of being a role model and mentor, but never expected the kind of impact he had on the kids, or the impact that they would have on him. Doug was inspired by many others in the Sports community, most of whom are Walk of Fame members.  He respected the coaching styles of coaches Al Peppi, Bill Dunaway, and John Tinnel, and sports staff Mary Alvord, Bill Burton, Mickey DePalo, Carol Finkle and Pat Thomas. “They always had positive words, and the kids were, and still are, the number one priority.”

Induction: October 3, 2009

Robb Roberts grew up in Burbank. He played Hap Minor baseball and basketball and graduated from John Burroughs High School.

Robb has been working for Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department since 1972. He has always been committed to helping children. One day, while he was assigned to work at Olive Park, he asked some kids that were hanging out at the park if they wanted to play flag football. He formed a team with these boys, and they played together for several years.

Robb is also an optician and has been working with his father, at Joe Roberts Optical in Burbank for over 30 years. During his spare time, he is a member of the Burbank Noon Lions Club. Robb was recently awarded the “Melvin Jones Fellow Award,” the highest honor bestowed by Lions Clubs International Foundation for humanitarian service.

Induction: October 14, 2006

Donna Rondinella Lowande, her brothers, and sisters grew up at Verdugo Park. They were fortunate to have great role models working at the park including Betsy Lueke, Barbara Rownd, and Tom Hagenbach.

Donna began playing in the Park, Recreation and Community Services softball program in the second grade on the “Little Angels” team and has continued playing with virtually the same group of friends for the past 33 years. The Rondinella family was both supportive and active in the youth sports programs. Donna coached her daughter Lisa's Ponytail Softball teams for six years. She always believed that teaching girls good sportsmanship was a primary goal as a coach. When her daughter was old enough, she started playing on Donna’s adult softball team, “Rondinella Realty.” Currently they are both playing on the same adult softball team.

Induction: October 8, 2011

Ron Rossiter began his involvement with Burbank sports in 1973 when he started coaching his son Jerry's T-ball team.  From then on he was in for the long haul. Ron has spent the better part of the last three decades coaching his kid's teams or managing, coaching, and playing in the men's softball program.

Over the years, Ron was involved with over forty-five teams while coaching his tree children Diana, Jerry, and Tommy in softball, baseball, football, and basketball.  He has many great memories of those teams and always tried to set a good example for his players.  Ron has truly enjoyed watching his children and the players he coached grow into adults knowing that so many are giving back to teh community that gave to them.  In addition to coaching youth teams, Ron has managed, coached and played in the men's softball program for over 36 years and his involvement continues to this day. 

Induction: June 5, 2004

Barbara Rownd was hired by the City of Burbank in 1950 as a Recreation Leader and worked for the Park, Recreation and Community Services Department for 33 years; retiring in 1983, as a Recreation Supervisor. In appreciation of her dedication to the City, Izay (Olive) Park Ballfield #4 is named after her.

Prior to Title IX, Barbara advocated for the creation of a “new” position dedicated to the development of girls’ and womens’ sports. She was later appointed to that position in 1954. In 1957, she founded the Ponytail Softball League which later became a national model for girls’ fast pitch softball programs. During the first year, the Ponytail Softball league had six teams. By 1980 when she left the program, there were nearly 100 teams. She was one of the first women to join Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF) and was recognized in 1977 with their highest honor, the Merit Award, and in 1983, Honorary Membership Award for her pioneering effort and advocacy in the area of girl’s and women’s sports.

Induction: October 6, 2012

Dennis Roy came to California from Massachusetts when he was just five and a half years old. He grew up in Glendale where he attended high school and played football.

Dennis began his involvement with Burbank sports in the Spring of 1982 when he became the coach of his son's Hap Minor baseball team. The existing coach moved out of the area and Dennis didn't hesitate to pick up the reins so the kids could continue playing. Dennis found coaching very rewarding and continued coaching in the baseball and softball programs for many years. He recently made a return to coaching to help with his graddaughter's ponytail softball team. In 1995, Dennis got involved in umpiring and after 17 years continues to officiate ni several youth leagues and as a CIF high school umpire. He shares his experience and helps train new officials and is currently serving on the Burbank Athletic Federation Board of Directors.


Jose Sandoval
Induction: October 1, 2016

If you ask Jose, coaching saved his life.  Jose began coaching as a young man in order to keep his younger brother off the streets and on the right path.  With his younger brother eager to follow in his footsteps, Jose decided it was time to clean up his life. 

In 1993  Jose began his coaching career.  As his players grew and matured, so did Jose.  Since that first season, Jose has coached hundreds of players under the Sandoval Dodgers team name.  Besides raising a family, and working three jobs, Jose consistently coaches three to six teams per season, sometimes forming a last minute teams from all the remaining kids in the box.  Jose’s philosophy is to never  turn anyone away.  “Everyone has something to contribute!”   He says coaching is his stress reliever and he gets only joy from his teams.  Jose continues to be loved, respected and admired by his current and past players. 

Induction: October 6, 2007

Karen Sartoris began her service with the City of Burbank in 1973 supervising Ponytail Softball at Izay (Olive) Park. She started playing adult softball and volleyball in 1976 and has played continuously in the women’s softball and volleyball leagues for over 30 years.
When Karen’s children Steven, Nick, and Lisa were old enough, she transitioned from playing to coaching youth sports. She always stressed sportsmanship, teamwork, and supporting teammates. Her goal was to help the children fall in love with the sport and want to play season after season. Karen’s infectious love of sports has paid great dividends in the community. She also serves on the BAF Board. As a member since 1998, she has worked with her fellow Board Members to assist and advise staff in both youth and adult sports.

Induction: October 6, 2012

Robin has been involved with Burbank sports programs since the early seventies and her participation still continues to this day as she currently palys in the adult co-ed volleyball league.

Recruited by Carol Finkle to play softball in 1972. Robin began a long career in Burbank sports that involved playing, coaching and managing a variety of teams ni both the adult and youth programs. As a youth, Robin was always around the parks either swimming, playing softball or watchin her brothers umpiring. As an adult, Robin has continued her involvement as a player, coach and manager. Robin coached her sons in baseball, football and basketball and she has truly enjoyed giving back to the community and sports programs that gave so much to her. When coaching youth teams, Robin always wanted her players to have fun, to learn, work hard and improve, to believe in themselves, and to play the game with class and dignity. Although there were many people who influenced Robin during her life, she credits her mom Pat, husband J.R., and sons John and David with providing the foundations and life lessons that led to a great life involved with sports.

Induction: October 6, 2012

Terry came to Burbank with his family in 1952 and has been involved with Burbank sports ever since. Growing up he attended Stevenson Elementary School, Jordan Jr. High and Burroughs High School. Terry then went on to college where he played and lettered in basketball all four years.

As a youth, Terry played football, basketball and baseball. He has been inolved as an adult coaching his boys Rob and JK and participating as a player in the adult basketball and softball leagues as well. Terry worked for the Burbank Sports Office for over 20 years as a field supervisor and also officiated for the Burbank football, basketball and baseball programs. Terry had many influential people in his life growing up, but credits his father, John Wooden and Walter Alston for being great role models. Terry has been involved with Burbank sports for over 50 years and is currently serving on the Burbank Athletic Federation Board of Directors. 

Induction: October 6, 2012

Chuck grew up in Chicago and after moving to Burbank in 1970, it didn't take long for him and his wife Tonie to get involved in coaching. Without hesitation, he started up a team for his daughter and other players that had been left out when the team they were playing on moved up to an older age division. Their first season, that team won the Sportsmanship Award. Right out of the gate that told everyone what kind of coach Chuck was going to be.

Chuck continued volunteering his time on and off for the next 21 years as he worked with both youth and adult teams. For the most part, he concentrated his efforts in the sport of softball, but took a few detours into the world of basketball and powder puff football as well. When coaching, Chuck was proud of the fact that he taught his teams that clean living was important and that sportsmanship was always first and wining was second. He has many fond memories of coaching and fostered many life long friendships and is still in contact with many of the players he coached, who now live all over the world.

Induction: October 6, 2012

Tonie moved to Burbank from Chicago with her husband Chuck in 1970 and she wasn't one to be left behind when he began coaching their daughter in softball. Whether fulfilling the role of a coach or team manager, she always made sure the teams were on schedule and ready to play.

For over 21 years, Tonie was involved in the Burbank sports scene as a coach, manager and player in both youth and adult programs. All along the way, sportsmanship was always a priority with Tonie and she enjoyed watching her players become good athletes and grow into good people. Tonie likes to believe that some of the ideals she taught her players were carried over into their adult lives, especially those of teamwork and comradeship. After retiring from a long career with the City of Burbank, Tonie resides with her husband in Stallion Springs California where she started working with special education children and discovered that was her passion.

Induction: October 30, 2004

Don Sobiech was hired by the Burbank Police Department in 1956 and was a police officer for 21 years. In 1956, he also started coaching Police Athletic League (PAL) softball. He continued coaching in the PAL league for 13 years.

Don also coached his sons Greg, Mark, and Scott’s Hap Minor baseball, basketball, and flag football teams and his daughter Trina’s Ponytail Softball team. Don also played in the men’s basketball and fast pitch softball league. Several coaches in the Burbank youth sports program today played for Don and credit him with instilling in them good work ethics, a sense of teamwork, and a love for sports.

Don was a great ambassador for the City of Burbank sports programs. His extensive knowledge and involvement in sports leagues led him to be selected to serve on the BAF Board for 18 years.   Don Sobiech passed away in November 2008.

Induction: October 6, 2012

Elise grew up in Burbank and attended Burroughs High School where she played on the softball and basketball teams. After high school she went on to receive a degree in Psychology from UCLA and then a Master's Degree from Phillips Graduate Institute.

In 1974 Elise started playing softball in the Burbank Ponytail League and continued playing through high school. As an adult she has played in the adult sports programs throughout her life and still continues to do so today. Along the way, Elise started coaching in 1981 and after 30 plus years she is still going strong. Being involved in sports has inlfuenced every aspect of her life and Elise jokingly says that "All I really need to know, I learned from my P.E. teachers and athletic coaches". Coaching both basketball and softball has brought her many great memories, but she hopes that her dedicated and positive coaching style has had a positive impact on the many young girls she coached, both on and off the field.

Induction: October 6, 2012

Jess is a long time Burbank resident who grew up in Burbank and attended Thomas Edison Elementary School, Luther Jr. High and John Burroughs High School. He is married to his wife Sandy, who along with their three children, Eric, Scott and Kristin are all graduates of Burbank High School.

Jess began his involvement with Burbank sports as a player in the Hap Minor Baseball program as a fifth grader. He has fond memories of competing at Civitan Day and of running the bases in front of the old Memorial Stadium and winning first in that event in both 7th and 8th grades. Jess started his coaching career in 1985 and coached baseball, softball and basketball for many years in both the girls and boys programs. As a coach, Jess always tried to instill a "Can Do attitude" in his players while working with them to become the best they could be. From 2001 to 2009, he was a member of the Park, Recreation and Community Servies Board where he helped support the continued growth and improvement of the sports programs in Burbank. Today, Jess continues his good work as a current Burbank City Council Member.

Induction: October 1, 2005

Darrell Taylor was born and raised in Burbank, attended Jefferson Elementary School, Muir Middle School, and graduated from Burbank High School. In 1963, he began his playing career with the Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department playing Hap Minor baseball on the “Cobras.” He continued playing until he entered high school. After high school, he played in the adult softball program.

As passionately as Darrell loved playing baseball and softball, he found more enjoyment in his role as coach and manager in the youth sports program. He started coaching his nephew’s Hap Minor baseball team and continued coaching his own children in the program through 2005. Even more incredible is the fact that he generously sponsored youth sports teams including his daughter Hayley’s softball and basketball teams as well as many other adult sports teams

Thomas, Terri
Induction: October 3, 2015

Terri began playing in the Burbank Athletics programs at the age of nine participating in Bantam Basketball and then Ponytail Softball.  Her parents and grandparents always encouraged her to do her best and work hard.  Terri credits BAF Board member and her coach, Charlene Tabet, with giving her a love of softball. 

Terri instilled traits in her players that she learned.  She is a great believer that anyone can do anything they set their minds to do.  She has coached many seasons of Ponytail and ASA Softball, Hap Minor Baseball, Bantam Basketball, Flag Football and Youth Volleyball with teams such as the Wild Things, Slammers, No Fear, Warriors and the Predators.  Family was her focus while she coached all three of her children and it continues now while playing adult softball with them.

Induction: October 6, 2007

Jerry Walls began his Burbank sports program involvement playing Fast Pitch Softball in 1961. For the next eight years he played in several adult softball leagues with his brothers. When his children were old enough to play sports, Jerry dove head first into coaching softball, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and flag football. Little did he know how much that decision would affect his life.
Jerry was very involved in the Burbank softball program. He served on the Ponytail Softball Advisory Board and assisted with the formation of the girls’ winter ASA Softball program along with fellow girls’ softball enthusiast Jack Smock. After the girls on the “Sure Shots” Ponytail Softball graduated from high school, Jerry kept the team together and continued to compete in the women’s softball program. The team played together for a total of 24 years. After placing runner up in 1988, the Burbank “Sure Shots” team won the ASA National Softball Championship in 1989.  

Induction: June 5, 2004

Kenny Wattenberger began his employment with the City of Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department in 1942, as a Recreation Leader. After a two-year military leave, he returned to work to help develop organized sports programs in the City of Burbank until his retirement in 1968. Kenny Wattenberger passed away in November 2006.

Kenny founded the BAF in 1947. He was instrumental in forming and incorporating Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF), an organization which serves all municipalities sports programs in Southern California today. He was involved in formulating the SCMAF Players’ Code of Conduct and sports rules which govern municipal recreation athletics. Kenny was recognized by SCMAF in 1963 for his leadership and commitment to excellence in sports programming with their highest honor, the Merit Award, and in 1985 with Honorary Membership Award.

Induction: October 14, 2006

Barry Whitfield grew up in Burbank and graduated from John Burroughs High School. He and his high school buddies put together an adult basketball team, the “John Burroughs Graduates.” Barry’s team played together for 11 years, from 1972 to 1982.

When Barry was not playing basketball, he was playing or coaching baseball, flag football, or softball. If he was not coaching or playing, he was officiating. Barry became a highly respected basketball official in Burbank Sports Leagues from 1972 to 1979.

Barry’s fondest memories were of years he coached his children’s youth teams. In 1988, Barry started coaching his son’s basketball team “Hal’s Hustlers” and baseball team “Handy Market Hawks” and his daughter’s basketball team the “Wildcats.” Barry represents the second generation of Burbank Athletics Walk of Fame inductees. His father Hal was inducted into the Walk of Fame at the inaugural induction ceremony in 2004.

Induction: June 5, 2004

Hal Whitfield played in the men’s basketball league and adult softball programs dating back to 1962. He participated in the adult football passing league for two years in the mid 1970’s. He later became one of the original members of the inaugural senior softball league, playing on the “Burbank Bluebirds” for 10 years.

Hal’s coaching endeavors focused strictly on the sport of basketball. In 1963, he coached son Barry (Walk of Fame Inductee) and other neighborhood boys in the Bantam basketball program, and continued coaching the “Locker Room Bandits” until Barry entered high school. He later returned to coaching in 1988, to coach his grandsons Bear and Brent. Hal’s greatest involvement with the Burbank sports leagues came as a game official. From 1955-1990 he served as a youth and adult league basketball referee and from 1960-1970, he served as a softball league umpire.

Induction: June 5, 2004

Blackie Winter was involved in the organized sports programs with the City of Burbank for over 50 years. He became well-known in the community because of his involvement in athletics. Blackie was an outstanding baseball and fast pitch softball player. He played men’s fast pitch softball for over 17 years and was participant on many top teams in the Burbank including “Tallyrand,” “Karl’s Shoes,” “Teco Tigers,” and “Burbank All Stars.”

Blackie’s most significant contribution to the Burbank organized sports programs was as a BAF Board Member. He served on the BAF for 30 years, from 1967-1997. Blackie and the BAF were instrumental in developing league standards for fair play and good sportsmanship outlined in the Player’s Code of Conduct.

Induction: October 8, 2011

Rick Williams grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The oldest of five children, he had seven uncles and six aunts living in close vicinity and there were always plenty of cousins around to get a quick baseball game together.  He moved to Burbank in the early eighties and it didn't take long for him to get involved in Burbank sports coaching his six year old in T-ball.  Twenty-three years later, Rick has coached a lot of kids including his sons Chase and David on a multitude of teams, usually called the Twins with an occasional Yankees team thrown into the mix.

When coaching baseball, Rick wanted as many boys as possible to have the chance to play and never hesitated to pick up boys waiting to be placed on teams.  One of Rick's fondest memories is when his son Chase won the Jackie Arrington award, which is voted on by the players in the top 5/6 grade division.  Rick is thankful for the opportunity he had to participate in the Burbank program and he received great satisfaction from watching his players grow into fine and responsible adults.  

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