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Burbank Master Recycler Program

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The Burbank Recycle Center Wants YOU!

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Become a Waste Warrior and Help Your Community!

The Master Recycler Program is a volunteer training for people who want to learn more about zero waste concepts and how to engage with their community, improve the environment, and shape the future.

The program involves seven diverse classes that cover all aspects of Zero Waste, including the 6 R’s of waste reduction:

  • Refuse (say no!)
  • Reduce (do I need it?)
  • Reuse (re-purpose it)
  • Recycle (sort it and send it on )
  • Rot (compost)
  • Rethink (redesigning our systems, habits and mindsets)

Classes include hands on projects, tours, guest speakers and instruction from professionals at the Burbank Recycle Center.

 All classes are FREE

Graduates of the Master Recycler Program will have attended all seven courses, PLUS performed 30 hours of volunteer work or  individual projects that focus on waste reduction, thoughtful consumption, composting or recycling.

2019 Class Schedule:

(All classes will be held at the Burbank Recycle Center, 500 S. Flower Street, unless there is a tour or special engagement) 

Saturday, January 13th 9a-3p
Class 1:  Recycling 101:  There’s No Such Thing as “Away”

In order to understand recycling and waste, it is best to dive right in!  We will start with a tour of the City of Burbank’s Recycling Facility and then perform a waste audit to really examine what society is throwing “away”.  Course includes an introduction to Zero Waste, sustainability, the Waste Hierarchy, materials overview, storm water pollution, and planning individual volunteer projects.

Wednesday, January 24th  6p-8p
Class 2:  Blowing Green Smoke:  Resources and Materials

We will examine the complexities of our modern conveniences and throw away society--especially how this is taxing our resources.  You will gain the knowledge and tools to help decipher whether “green” marketing claims are legit.  Course includes packaging, resource depletion and management, plastic resins, and an examination of materials and commodities markets that keep recycling afloat.

Saturday, February 10th 9a-Noon
Class 3:  Toxins Amongst Us:  Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), electronics and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Our modern conveniences, technology and short cuts make life easier, but at what price? You’ll see what happens to these products when we discard them. Course includes HHW and electronics recycling, EPR, toxins management, Product Stewardship, reuse and repair, and alternatives.

Wednesday, February 28th 6p-8p
Class 4: Business Evolution:  Recycling and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Adopting sustainable business practices in a new age of mandated responsibility and changing consumer expectations.  Course covers commercial recycling, state laws, CSR, consumer trends, financial incentives and environmentally preferred purchasing ideas.

Saturday, March 10th 9a-Noon
Class 5: Power to the Plants:  Getting Organics out of Landfill (field trip)

Nothing in Nature goes to waste, so why is waste a man-made invention?  Organics (plants) in landfill is a misallocation of valuable resources and the movement to reverse this is starting in the State of California.  Learn the future of how green waste (yard clippings) and food scraps will be used to power us, create healthy soil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Course includes organics basics, state mandatory organics recycling policy (AB 1826), enhancing soils, methane mitigation and capture, food waste prevention, water harvesting and composting. Plus, we will have a tour of the City landfill and the compost bin demo at the Starlight Bowl.

BONUS EVENT:  Wed., March 21st 6p - 8p

Meet former graduates of the Master Recycler program while enjoying a zero waste dinner and an insightful documentary on an important waste issue. Great opportunity to network, share, and find kindred spirits that care about the same issues you do.

Saturday, March 31st 9a-Noon
Class 6:  Rethink Trash as Treasure:  Reuse and Repair Tour (field trip)

Recycling is good but reuse is so much better!  We will visit different models of reuse in the business and non-profit world and you’ll discover that much of what we discard is actually useful to someone else.  Course includes the basics of “reduce, reuse, reimagine” such as creative reuse, repairing and repurposing, sharing, and renting.

Saturday, April 14th 9a-Noon
Class 7: Leadership Challenge:  Using Your Skills for Local Action

Throughout the Master Recycler courses, participants will be designing programs and actions that they can apply to their own initiatives and volunteer efforts.  This session will be helping you finalize your project. We will also be assigning each student their role in helping with a  Burbank Recycle Center business outreach project for organics diversion education.

Final Requirement:

Master Recyclers graduate once they have performed 25 hours towards their project, plus 5-8 hours on a special Burbank Recycle Center business outreach project.   (Timeline TBD)

Bonus Opportunities:

Alumni Meet and Greets:  To keep our newly minted Waste Warriors motivated and informed, current Master Recyclers and alumni of the program will get together to share their experiences, information and updates on their projects.  Special speakers, community clean up events and even environmental documentary screenings will be part of the mix.  Great networking opportunity with kindred eco-spirits!

Volunteering with Burbank Recycle Center:  Occasionally, Burbank Recycle Center will request help with a special event or project.  Our Waste Warriors are dependable, loyal and enthusiastic  citizens and we appreciate their assistance when available.

Registration:  Hurry, class size is limited.  Preference will be given to Burbank residents and employees of Burbank businesses but anyone can sign up.

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