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What Can Be Recycled?

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Recycl-“able” vs. Actually Recycled--Beware of exaggerated packaging claims!

Packaging often comes with false or misleading recyclability claims that don’t match local realities. This lack of clarity leads to “wishful recycling” where non-recyclable items, such as chip bags, toys, packaging foam, or single-use coffee cups, are put in the blue cart with the "hope" that they’ll be recycled. Contamination (from both non-recyclables and dirty recyclables) adds cost for recycling operators and further decreases commodity value and profitability.

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You can reduce contamination by knowing what is truly recyclable in Burbank and how to prepare it for the cart. This can also help to look for packaging that will be recycled when shopping or dining out.  

  1. What goes in the RECYCLING container?
  2. What does NOT go in the Recycling container?
  3. Burbank Recycle Center Recycling Drop Off
  4. Burbank Recycle Center Drop Zone:  Electronics and Universal Waste
  5. Los Angeles S.A.F.E. Collection Centers

What goes in the RECYCLING container?

blue_bag_noPlease do not bag your recyclables--Keep "Em Loose (plastic bags are a problem for our operations)

Paper: Newspaper, Magazines, catalogs, phone books, office paper, envelopes (plastic window removed), junk mail, ads, cardboard (flattened), paper bags, paper back books, etc...

Paper may not be plastic laminated, food soiled. or waxed

Metal: Aluminum, tin, or steel cans, including clean food containers and foil

Metal must be emptied and rinsed, all aerosol cans must be completely emptied of their contents before recycling. (Aerosol cans containing hazardous materials must go to a S.A.F.E. Collection Center)

Glass: Bottles and jars

Glass must be emptied and rinsed, no drinking glasses, ceramics, dishes, mirrors, window glass, or light bulbs

Plastic: Soda bottles, water bottles, detergent bottles, milk and water jugs, juice bottles, yogurt containers, cottage cheese containers, rigid (not foamed) plastic, plastics with the following symbols:

                  Accepted Plastic Container Guide

NOTE:  The recycling symbol or plastic resin numbers are a guide, but market forces and local infrastructure capability determines true recyclability.  Always, consult this site for the latest updates.


Plastic must be emptied and rinsed.

PLEASE LEAVE CAPS ON! Loose caps are not recycled and become litter.



What does NOT go in the RECYCLING container

1. BLACK BIN - -Due to recycling market limitations, these common items are TRASH and considered contaminants:  (for batteries, electronics and used motor oil and anti-freeze, please scroll down to the Drop Zone section)

  • Foamed Polystyrene (StyrofoamTM)
  • #3 and #6 plastics. (including black plastics)
  • Plastic Bags  Return bags to a participating retailer or reuse them
  • Toys (donate when possible)
  • Cartons (milk, juice, soup,etc.)
  • "To-go" food containers (NOTE: Clean #5 are acceptable for recycling)
  • "Clamshells" (#1 clear produce containers are not accepted)
  • Coated paper
  • Wrappers (snack food, etc.)
  • Fabric (donate or repurpose)
  • Paper beverage cups (plastic inside makes the paper non-recyclable)
  • Red or Blue plastic party cups (these are #6)
  • Empty, dried PAINT cans (cans with paint, see HHW section)  
  • Household glass (mirror, picture frame, glassware, etc.) 
  • Diapers and feminine products
  • Small items (anything less than 2.5" in diameter)
  • Meal kit packaging (except clean uncoated paper and cardboard)

 Consider composting at home, but not allowed in the green or blue bins:

  • Compostable plastics (bio plastics)
  • Dirty paper or Cardboard Food soiled or wet
  • Food scraps

2. GREEN BIN - -The following organic material goes in the GREEN CONTAINER only: (NO food scraps, compostable plastics or soiled paper products)

  • Yard Trimmings (Consider composting at home)
  • Grass clippings, leaves or plants
  • Fruit from trees

3. SPECIAL DROP OFF - -The following are never allowed in recycling or trash and must be dropped off at a specific facility: 

sharps waste painttankbatteries

Additional information on HHW can be found below


Burbank Recycle Center Facility DROP-OFF

Hours:  Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM: Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM

1. Paid Recycling:

BOTTLE AND CANS:  The Burbank Recycle Center pays for beverage containers marked with the California Redemption Value (CRV).  Beverage containers without CRV labeling are accepted for recycling without payment. For more information, call (818)276-0434.

Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze:  See Drop Zone section for information

2. Free Recycling:  All city bin and curbside carts (pick up) recyclables accepted, as well as the following: 

Scrap Metal: Clean aluminum foil, foil food trays, hinges, metal sheets, aluminum doors, metal chairs, etc.
No wood or plastic attached to the metal please

shredded paper w bag

Plastics: Large items like patio furniture or rigid plastics
No metal, wood, pvc, vinyl, expanded polystyrene (styrofoam)   

Shredded Paper: Bagged only, clear bags preferred; loose shreds   cause litter               

Eyeglasses: Used eyeglasses, frames accepted Monday - Friday in the Hope Sustainability Center lobby; no eyeglass cases

Mattresses:  logo_1x bye byeBurbank Recycle Center offers free resident mattress drop-off; commercial drop-off is $6 per unit. Visit ByeBye for more information. Box spring mattresses only, nofoam, no mattress toppers. For Bulky Item Pick-Up: (818)238-3805.

3. DROP ZONE: Electronics & universal waste drop-off 


Drop Zone electronic and oil collection is closed Saturday and Sunday--dropping off when closed is ILLEGAL DUMPING!

Hours: Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM  Closed Saturdays

The following are accepted at the Drop Zone in limited quantities:

  • Used Oil & Antifreeze: Waste motor oil, antifreeze, and used oil filters 

Keep oil, filters, and antifreeze separated. Waste oil drop off is limited to 15 gallons per trip to the recycle center.(It is unlawful to transport more than 15 gallons of hazardous waste at a time) Oil cannot be mixed with dirt, water, solvents, gasoline, diesel, etc. The Burbank Recycle Center pays 10 cents per quart for used motor oil. If payment is desired, notify an attendant before emptying container.

Burbank ID required at the Drop Zone for the following:

Parachute (tv)

Parachute (battery)
  • Toner Cartridges: Used printer & toner cartridges 
  • Household Batteries: Alkaline, rechargeable, etc. Please put in plastic bags and rechargeable 
    Limited to 10 lbs per resident, per yea
  • Fluorescent Lights: Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights. Limited to 10 bulbs per resident, per year
    • Electronic Waste: Computer equipment, VCR's, DVD players, phones, televisions, microwaves, etc.  Limited to 100 lbs per resident per year.

Los Angeles S.A.F.E. Collection Centers

Hours:  Sat. & Sun. 9 AM - 3 PM


Dropping off electronics, motor oil and batteries at the Burbank Recycle Center when the Drop Zone is closed is ILLEGAL DUMPING. However, there is an option--the S.A.F.E. Center.

Burbank residents that need weekend drop off should take the items to the S.A.F.E. Collection Centers. These facilities also take a broader list of materials, including PAINT as well as NEEDLES (in required red medical waste containers).

For more information: visit or call (800)98-TOXIC  


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