Going Green

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The City of Burbank has a rich history of environmental stewardship, demonstrated by its proud tradition of investigating and investing in forward-thinking projects that reduce waste, save water and energy, enhance the City’s biking and walking opportunities, promote clean air, and provide opportunities to enjoy the natural environment. 

Sustainable Burbank Commission
(formerly Sustainable Burbank Task Force)
In October 2008, the City Council established the Sustainable Burbank Task Force to advise and make recommendations to the City Council and help engage the community by participating in various public education, outreach, and promotional activities. In August 2011, the City Council approved a resolution changing the group's composition and name to Sustainable Burbank Commission. The Commission meets the third Monday of every month at 5:00 p.m. at the Burbank Recycle Center to discuss ways to improve sustainable efforts in Burbank. For more information regarding upcoming Sustainable Burbank Commission meetings, please visit the Meetings and Agendas page.

Green Spotlight Award
In December 2011, the Sustainable Burbank Commission created the Burbank Green Spotlight Award for outstanding sustainable practice in the City of Burbank. Click here for an application to nominate an individual, business, or group in Burbank that practices outstanding sustainability. Email the completed application to John Molinar at jmolinar@burbankca.gov 

Burbank's Sustainability Action Plan

In January 2008, the City Council integrated all the City's environmental programs by adopting the Sustainability Action Plan.  The plan is based on the United National Environmental Accords which provide a series of goals or "action items" that can be adopted at the local level to achieve urban sustainability, promote healthy economies, advance social equity, and protect the world's ecosystem.


Summaries and timelines for Burbank’s
Sustainability Action Plan can be found here:

Sustainability Action Plan Intro and Summary Table 
Sustainability Action Items
Sustainability -- Status and Timeline

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