• Where are meals being provided to the Burbank homeless? (+)
  • What can I do to help someone who is homeless? (+)
  • What measures has the City of Burbank taken to address homelessness? (+)
  • How many homeless people currently reside in Burbank? (+)
  • What Homeless Prevention & Diversion Programs are available?
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Many non-profit organizations welcome volunteers to assist homeless in the community. To inquire, click on one of the following organization links below:
Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC) volunteer opportunities:
Ascencia volunteer opportunities
 Family Promise of the Verdugos volunteer opportunities


Homelessness in Burbank

The City of Burbank is committed to finding solutions that
will address the ongoing social issues of homelessness
that impact the quality of life for all. By working together,
can effectively address homelessness through 
action-oriented solutions.

 To Contact Us Please Email: HomelessInfo@Burbankca.gov

Burbank Homeless Statistics


What is the City doing to help the homeless?

Homelessness is never solved by one entity; therefore, City departments continue to work together with local nonprofits, the business community, and faith-based/charitable organizations to deliver services and find solutions to homelessness.

The following are a few examples of measured investments that have created a positive return for Burbank.  However, much more is needed in order to address the increasing number of homeless in Burbank and their service needs.

  • Creating long-term solutions   
  • Leveraging the City’s public resources in support of homeless projects and programs   
  • Providing comprehensive supportive services

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How can I help a homeless neighbor? 

The needs of the homeless can vary and some are more complex than others; therefore, the City has created a comprehensive list of services available in the community Burbank Homeless Service Directory.  This information can be shared with anyone in need of support.  Further, there are many organizations in Burbank at the forefront of the homeless issue who appreciate homeless referrals and community support.  These agencies include:  

  • Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC). For more information, click here or call 818.848.2822
  • Burbank Street Outreach Program
    Phone: 818.254.5885
  • Family Service Agency of Burbank
    Phone: 818.845.7176
  • The Salvation Army, Burbank Corps
    Phone: 818.845.7214 
  • Ascencia
    Phone: 818.846.7900
  • Family Promise of the Verdugos
    Phone: 818.847.1547
  • Burbank Police Department Mental Health Evaluation Team (MHET)
  • Burbank Housing Authority - Permanent Supportive Housing Vouchers. For more information, click here or call 818.238.5160
  • Streetplus                                                                            Phone: 818.397.3798                                                     

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