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A short-term rental is a residential property that is rented for a brief duration, typically for 30 days or less.

On June 16, 2020, City Council directed City staff is work on a proposed ordinance. The proposed ordinance was initially presented at the Planning Board meeting on December 14, 2020. Planning Board voted to not move forward with proposed ordinance to allow short-term rentals. At this time, short-term rentals are not allowed in Burbank. Below is a timeline of the next steps.

You can report a violation online

Community Outreach

Planning Board
  • August 23, 2021
    Planning Board's recommendation: Planning Board made a motion recommending City Council to adopt an Ordinance to explicitly ban all short-term rentals in Burbank with short-term rental fines of $1,500 for the first violation, $3,000 for a second violation within any one-year period, and $5,000 for a third violation and any subsequent violation within any one-year period (vote 4-0, 1 absent).

City Council Meeting
  • Early 2022