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Burbank Celebrates the Launch of 16 New Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Ports in Downtown Burbank

Burbank, California (July 15, 2021) — The City of Burbank hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its latest installation of 16 public electric vehicle (EV) charging ports located in Downtown Burbank.

The event was attended by the Burbank City Council, Congressman Adam Schiff along with representatives from Senator Feinstein’s office, Senator Portantino’s office, Assemblywoman Friedman’s office and Congressman Sherman’s office. Speeches were given by Burbank Mayor Bob Frutos, Burbank Water and Power General Manager Dawn Roth Lindell, and Congressman Adam Schiff, recognizing the importance of this EV charging station installation and the significance of the ongoing transformation of transportation towards electrification. 

Mayor Frutos cut the ribbon, and Congressman Schiff performed the kick-off charging session by plugging in his own Chevy Bolt at one of the stations.
“The installation of the 16 EV charger ports in Downtown Burbank is an exciting upgrade for the City because it makes access to charging stations more accessible for residents, Library patrons, Downtown Burbank visitors, and City staff,” said Mayor Frutos. “I am so excited to see that the City Council, our utility, and our executive team are leading the future in transportation with projects like this.”

The EV charging stations mark a significant milestone on the City of Burbank’s transportation electrification journey. With the installation of these 16 EV charging ports, the City of Burbank reinforces its commitment to Burbank residents by making the charging stations available overnight for electric vehicles. This effort will support electric vehicle owners who live in apartment buildings that are unable to install charging equipment at home. 

“Transportation accounts for 43% of greenhouse gases in Burbank,” added BWP General Manager Dawn Roth Lindell. “The 16 new EV charging ports installed in this lot, along with 57 other charging ports installed throughout the city, will not only promote EV adoption but also measurably reduce greenhouse gases for our community.” 

The installation is a joint effort between BWP and the City’s of  Burbank’s Community Development Department, with support from several other city departments.  The project was funded by a grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

“EVs are a phenomenal technology and getting better all the time. I would encourage people to consider one,” said Rep. Schiff. “And the fact that there are these charging stations now available to people who can’t charge a vehicle at home, or have a lengthy commute and need to be able to charge at their destination, is going to make it easier for people to own and lease electric vehicles.”

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Published on: July 15, 2021
08:44 AM