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City Directory

City Directory

This alphabetical listing includes the City of Burbank's programs and their managing departments. For alphabetical listing of departments, click here.


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Accessory Structures(818) 238-5250Community Development
Accident Reports(818) 238-3333Police Department
Accounts Payable(818) 238-5495Financial Services
Accounts Receivable(818) 238-5500Financial Services
Advertising Vehicle License(818) 238-5280Community Development
Agenda – City Council(818) 238-5851City Clerk's Office
Air Conditioning (Mechanical Permit)(818) 238-5220Community Development
Amusement Machine License(818) 238-5280Community Development
Animal Shelter(818) 238-3340Police Department
Animal License, Registration, Complaints(818) 238-3340Police Department
Aquatic Programs(818) 238-5391Parks & Recreation
Auction License(818) 238-5280Community Development
Banner Permits (818) 238-3915Public Works
Bicycle License(818) 238-5280Community Development
Bid Opportunities -- Purchasing(818) 238-5466Financial Services
Billing-Water and Electric(818) 238-3700Burbank Water & Power
Budget Information(818) 238-5500Financial Services
Buena Vista Library(818) 238-5620Library
Building Permits(818) 238-5220Community Development
Bulky Item Pickup(818) 238-3800Public Works
Burbank's Art in Public Places(818) 238-5300Parks & Recreation
Burbank Volunteer Program (BVP)(818) 238-5370Parks & Recreation
Business Licenses and Permits(818) 238-5280Community Development
Central Library(818) 238-5600Library
Child Care License(818) 238-5250Community Development
Citations: Parking(818) 238-3120Police Department
Code Enforcement(818) 238-5225Community Development
Community Assistance Coordinator(818) 238-5795City Manager's Office
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station(818) 238-3800Public Works
Contractor's Licenses(818) 238-5220Community Development
Criminal Prosecution(818) 238-5700City Attorney's Office
Curb Painting(818) 238-3915Public Works
Dog License(818) 238-3340Police Department
Downtown Burbank(818) 238-5180Community Development
Driveway Permit (818) 238-3950Public Works
Easements (818) 238-3915Public Works
Economic Development(818) 238-5180Community Development
Elections(818) 238-5851City Clerk's Office
Electrical Service(818) 238-3700Burbank Water & Power
Emergency911Police Department
Emergency911Fire Department
Emergency--power and water (nights and weekends)(818) 238-3778Burbank Water & Power
Emergency Preparedness Information (818) 238-3473Fire Department
Emotionally Disturbed Persons Report911Police Department
Employment(818) 238-5031Management Services
Encroachment Permits(818) 238-3952Public Works
Environmental Impact Reports(818) 238-5250Community Development
Excavations(818) 238-3950Public Works
Fence Permits(818) 238-5250Community Development
Field Conditions Hotline (Sports Program)(818) 238-1970Parks & Recreation
Filming Permits(818) 238-3105Police Department
Fire Hydrant Repair(818) 238-3500Burbank Water & Power
Fire Prevention(818) 238-3473Fire Department
First Aid, Resuscitator911Fire Department
Garbage and Refuse Collection(818) 238-3800Public Works
Garage Sale Permits(818) 238-5280Community Development
General Plan(818) 238-5250Community Development
Graffiti Occurrence(818) 238-3000Police Department
Graffiti Removal(818) 238-3806Public Works
Guest House Restrictions(818) 238-5250Community Development
Handbill Distribution License(818) 238-5280Community Development
Heating and Ventilation (Mechanical Permit)(818) 238-5220Community Development
Housing Authority(818) 238-5160Community Development
Housing Development(818) 238-5160Community Development
House Moving(818) 238-3950Public Works
House Moving(818) 238-5220Community Development
House Numbers(818) 238-3952Public Works
Human Resources(818) 238-5021Management Services
Hydrogen Fueling Station(818) 238-3800Public Works
Industrial Waste (818) 972-1115Public Works
Information--Police(818) 238-3333Police Department
Building Electrical, Plumbing
(818) 238-5220Community Development
Street, Sidewalk, Alley Improvements
(818) 238-3955Public Works
Job Opportunities(818) 238-5021Management Services
Land Use Studies(818) 238-5250Community Development
Lawn Sprinklers(818) 238-5220Community Development
Library Services(818) 238-5551Library
Lighting-Street(818) 238-3582Burbank Water & Power
Liquidation Sales License(818) 238-5280Community Development
Literacy Services(818) 238-5577Library
Livescan(818) 238-5340Management Services
Lot Splits(818) 238-5250Community Development
Maps, City(818) 238-5840Public Works
Northwest Library(818) 238-5640Library
Parade Permits(818) 238-5280Community Development
Paramedics911Fire Department
Park Facilities Permit(818) 238-5300Parks & Recreation
Park Facilities(818) 238-5300Parks & Recreation
Parking Permits(818) 238-5250Public Works
Passport Services(818) 238-5851City Clerk's Office
Peddlers and Solicitors License(818) 238-5280Community Development
Permits: Banner (over street)(818) 238-3915Public Works
Permits: Banner (private property)(818) 238-5220Community Development
Permits: Building(818) 238-5220Community Development
Permits: Driveway(818) 238-3950Public Works
Permits: Parking(818) 238-3915Public Works
Planning Information(818) 238-5250Community Development
Police911Police Department
Police Non-Emergency(818) 238-3000Police Department
Property Ownership(818) 238-3950Public Works
Public Information--emergency information (recording)(800) 994-2872City Manager's Office
Public Information & Media Relations (818) 238-5840City Manager's Office
Purchasing(818) 238-5466Financial Services
Records-Criminal (818) 238-3140Police Department
Records-Official City(818) 238-5851City Clerk's Office
Recreation Guide(818) 238-5385Parks & Recreation
Recycling Center(818) 238-3900Public Works
Redevelopment Agency(818) 238-5180Community Development
Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program(818) 238-5160Community Development
Restrictions: Parking(818) 238-3100Police Department
Retaining Walls(818) 238-5220Community Development
Risk Management(818) 238-5010Management Services
Room Additions(818) 238-5220Community Development
Rummage and Garage Sale Permit(818) 238-5280Community Development
Sandblasting(818) 238-5220Community Development
Section 8 Housing Program(818) 238-5160Community Development
Senior and Human Services(818) 238-5353Parks & Recreation
Senior and Human Services:
Joslyn Adult Center
(818) 238-5353Parks & Recreation
Senior and Human Services Senior Nutrition Program(818) 238-5357Parks & Recreation
Senior and Human Services:
Utility Rate Assistance
(818) 238-3722Burbank Water & Power
Setback and Yard Requirements(818) 238-5250Community Development
Sewer Information(818) 238-3932Public Works
Sidewalk Construction, Maintenance(818) 238-3800Public Works
Signals, Traffic (Installation)(818) 238-3915Public Works
Signals, Traffic (Repair, Maintenance)(818) 238-3974Public Works
Sign Requirements (private property)(818) 238-5250Community Development
Signs, Street(818) 238-3977Public Works
Sports Programs(818) 238-5330Parks & Recreation
Starlight Bowl Programs(818) 238-5300Parks & Recreation
Storm Drains(818) 238-3932Public Works
Street Construction, Maintenance(818) 238-3800Public Works
Street Sweeping(818) 238-3800Public Works
Subdivisions(818) 238-5250Community Development
Swimming Pools (Draining)(818) 238-3950Public Works
Traffic Control (Emergency)(818) 238-3100Police Department
Traffic Control (Signal Maintenance)(818) 238-3974Public Works
Traffic Control (Traffic Engineer)(818) 238-3915Public Works
Transportation and BurbankBus(818) 238-5360Community Development
Trees-Electric Lines(818) 238-3582Burbank Water & Power
Trees-Parkway(818) 238-5304Parks & Recreation
Unemployment Insurance(800) 300-5616 EDD.CA.gov
Vending Machine License(818) 238-5280Community Development
Voter Registration(818) 238-5851City Clerk's Office
Water Heaters, Softeners(818) 238-5220Community Development
Water Engineering(818) 238-3500Burbank Water & Power
Weed Abatement, Anti-Litter Program(818) 238-3800Public Works
Youth Employment(818) 238-5021Management Services
Zoning Information(818) 238-5250Community Development