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As part of City Council's goals this year, the City is working to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by taking actions in its own operations and community. 

Many of our efforts focus on building and protecting neighborhoods in Burbank through responsible development, bike and pedestrian facility improvements, energy-efficient construction and retrofits, better air quality, lower energy and water bills through conservation, and reduced waste to extend the lifetime of Burbank’s landfill. The success of these strategies relies on the shared effort by the City and community to work together towards a safe, beautiful, and thriving community.  

Resources for Residents & Businesses
Recycle Center
The Burbank Recycle Center helps residents and businesses prevent waste by providing workshops, resources, and public outreach. Our multi-purpose facility processes curbside recyclables and offers easy drop off services.

Organics Recycling

The City of Burbank has expanded their Green Cart collection to include food scraps and other organic materials.

Where it Goes 
Use our new online guide with a quick search tool on over 300 materials to find out what can and can’t be recycled and why.

Kitchen Pails
A free kitchen pail to store your food scraps and food-soiled paper until you empty it into the green ORGANICS cart or bin.

Bulky Item Pick Up
Bulky items are sent to the landfill and not recycled so please use this option last! If needed, Burbank residents and business can schedule a pick up for qualifying items. 

It is illegal to place electronics (anything with a battery or cord) in trash and recycling containers. Bring them to the Recycle Center’s Drop Zone for proper recycling.

Read about the Recycle Center’s upcoming events, latest happenings, and more!

Why Choose an EV
In 2021, electric vehicle (EV) buyers will have more choices than ever before – from electrified sports cars, trucks and SUVs, to compact crossovers. Established automotive manufacturers and new startups continue to announce new vehicles at a dizzying pace. EVs are fun to drive, look great, and have more driving range than ever. Battery and motor technology improvements are lowing the price to purchase, maintain, and drive an EV.

Online EV Buyer's Guide
BWP's Online EV Buyer's Guide makes it easy to get personalized recommendations on electric vehicles, charging stations, and EV vehicle purchase incentives and rebates.

Used EV Rebate
Get up to a $1,000 rebate from BWP for purchasing a pre-owned EV that is two years or older.

EV Charger Rebate
Install an EV charging station at your home and receive up to $1,500.

EV Charger Rebate
Upgrade your business with EV charging stations and get up to $15,000 per charging station in rebates from BWP.
Business Bucks
Small and mid-sized businesses can get up to $5,000 in energy efficiency retrofits through the Business Bucks program.
Business Rebates
Rebates are available for energy efficiency retrofits, including LED lighting, HVAC units, heat pumps, and more.
LEED Incentive Program
Provides incentives to businesses for LEED Certified Green Building construction in Burbank.

More Programs  
Home Improvement Program
Improve the comfort and efficiency of your home through free energy and water-saving improvements at no cost.  

Residential Rebates
Get rebates for purchasing Energy Star® certified appliances and energy-efficient home upgrades.

Refrigerator for Low Income
Low income and Lifeline approved customers can exchange their old refrigerator with a free Energy Star® certified model.

More Programs  
Today, about one-third of BWP's electricity already comes from renewable sources. A Burbank resident can choose to offset the remaining non-renewable electricity they use through the Green Choice Program.

Residential customers who enroll in the Green Choice will pay an additional 1.8 cents per kWh of electricity, above the standard rate. For most customers, that's an average of $5-10 more per month.

BWP uses the Green Choice Program funds to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) on program participants' behalf. RECs encourage renewable energy generation, such as solar and wind sources, and ensure that renewable energy is generated and delivered to the California power grid.

Enroll Now

Free Kitchen Food Scrap Pails (Burbank residents only)

Kitchen Pails
A free kitchen pail to store your food scraps and food-soiled paper until you empty it into the green ORGANICS cart or bin.

Free Mulch (Burbank residents only) 

Home delivery is available for large quantity loads.  The amount of wood to leaves in the mulch will vary.

Pick-up Locations: 

Gross Park - 2800 West Empire Avenue
6:00-10:00 p.m. (back of parking lot along fence)

George Izay Park - 1111 West Olive Avenue
(at N. Griffith Park Dr. & Clark Ave. - parking lot)

McCambridge Park - 1515 North Glenoaks Boulevard
(Andover Drive parking lot near ballfield #1)

Home Delivery (Home Delivery is Currently Suspended Until Further Notice)
The Parks and Recreation Department offers free, large quantity, home delivery to Burbank residents.  Requests for home delivery may take up to two weeks to fulfill and requires a signed waiver.  Loads are generally placed in the residents' driveway.

Full Load = approximately 10-12 cubic yards, covering 1000 square feet at 3-4 inches thick
Half Load = approximately 5-6 cubic yards, covering 500 square feet at 3-4 inches thick

To request delivery contact (818) 238-5304.

planning for the future
how you can help

Plant 500 trees to improve our homes and businesses, city parks, neighborhoods and the overall Burbank community.

Join this volunteer training program for people who want to learn more about zero waste concepts and how to improve the environment in their community. 
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If you are interested in backyard composting, please call the Burbank Recycle Center at (818) 238-3900 and ask about upcoming workshops.
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The recycling center, landfill, water, and power are operated in Burbank. Read tips from the EPA to help the environment and your community.
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Storm Water Pollution Mitigation