Report a Problem

Experiencing a problem?  Use one of our City Services to help solve it!

Request services and receive updates on the go by downloading the Our Burbank 311 Mobile App. Learn more here.
Our mission is to return lost animals to their owners, to find loving homes for stray animals, and to control overpopulation through spay/neuter efforts.
Have you seen a damaged sidewalk in the City of Burbank?  The city maintains sidewalks in order to facilitate pedestrian traffic.
The City of Burbank Public Works Department fixes potholes on paved surfaces.
Have you seen graffiti that you feel should be removed? Find out the right place to report it here.
The City of Burbank is committed to finding solutions to the ongoing social issues of homelessness that impact the quality of life for all.
Burbank's Code Enforcement Team is here to help bring a property or business into compliance.
The Forestry Services Section plants, removes, and maintains all trees in public parkways, parks, and on public grounds.
If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 NOW. Other non-emergencies may be submitted via our Online Police Report form. 
If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 NOW. For non-emergencies, contact the Burbank Fire Department to ask questions regarding our services and fire prevention. 
The Traffic Bureau’s Charter is very far-reaching and encompasses both traffic and parking violations.
The Burbank Mental Health Evaluation Team (BMHET) includes police officers from the Burbank Police Department and a licensed Department of Mental Health clinician. BMHET evaluates subjects who appear to have mental health disorders.
If you observe water waste in Burbank, please use the online form to report it!
Let BWP know about any burned out, defective, or non-operating streetlight.
Need to dispose of a large item, or have you seen an item on the street that needs to be picked up? Report it here!
Report power outages and electrical issues to Burbank Water and Power.
If your issue isn't listed here, send us an email.