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Burbank City Council Adopts Ordinance to Establish Regulations and Development Standards for Firearm and Ammunition Retailers

Burbank, CA (June 6, 2024) – During the June 4th Council meeting, the Burbank City Council adopted an ordinance amending the Burbank Municipal Code to establish new regulations and development standards for firearm and ammunition retailers.

This Ordinance introduces building security requirements and comprehensive land use and zoning regulations, requiring retailers be located at least 1,000 feet from residential zones and sensitive locations, and 500 feet from other firearm and ammunition retailers to prevent clustering. Effective starting July 6, 2024, the Ordinance applies to all current and future firearm and ammunition retailers in Burbank.

The Zone Text Amendment updates the Zoning Use List in Title 10 (Zoning Regulations), Chapter 1 (Zoning) of the Burbank Municipal Code, to identify “Firearm and Ammunition Retailer” as a use rather than classifying it as general retail. It establishes the use as conditionally permitted in certain zones, subject to the approval of a conditional use permit.

Previously, firearm and ammunition retail uses were permitted by-right in all commercial zones that allow general-use retail. Now, retailers are required to obtain a conditional use permit and be located in applicable commercial and industrial zones that meet the referenced distance requirements.  

Existing retailers have 180 days to comply with the new regulations. Those retailers in areas that would not qualify for a conditional use permit due to their current proximity to residential, sensitive locations and/or other firearm and ammunition retailers, may continue operating as nonconforming uses, adhering to all applicable regulations. If a nonconforming retailer ceases operations or loses their Federal Firearm License for any reason, they will lose their legal non-conforming status.

For more information about the Ordinance, visit the City’s website at www.burbankca.gov or view the Council's discussion from the May 21st public hearing on the Ordinance here.


Published on: June 06, 2024
08:30 AM