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Burbank PD Community Bulletin: Jewelry Theft Awareness

Burbank, CA (October 6, 2022) - There has been an increase in jewelry distraction thefts primarily affecting the older adult community across Los Angeles County. The Burbank Police Department has investigated several incidents of jewelry being stolen from unsuspecting victims under the guise of a friendly and unassuming encounter in public.

In many cases, victims have been approached by suspects who ask for directions or initiate a casual conversation. Suspects often engage in some form of physical contact with their victims, like giving them a hug. During the encounter, perpetrators have been able to remove valuable jewelry worn by victims and replace it with fake or costume jewelry. Quite often, victims do not immediately realize they’ve been deceived.

This sleight of hand deception scheme is often performed by a group of suspects who work together to distract victims in public. Perpetrators are usually in a vehicle and either call victims to their car or approach them on a sidewalk or in a public parking lot. Seniors have been especially susceptible to to this crime trend as the distraction tactic can easily disrupt one’s attentiveness to what is occurring.

To help safeguard yourself from this type of theft, the Burbank Police Department recommends the following:

• Always be aware of your surroundings

• Limit the amount of expensive or valuable jewelry worn in public or while running errands

• If you are wearing valuable jewelry, try to keep it hidden or concealed while in public

• Do not engage in conversation with anyone you don’t know or trust

• Never engage in any physical contact with a stranger

• If you happen to fall victim to this type of crime, notify the police immediately and obtain as much information as you can about the suspect(s) and any vehicle that may be involved.

The Burbank Police Department reminds you to always report suspicious activity on our nonemergency, 24-hour number, at 818-238-3000. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.



Published on: October 06, 2022
02:59 PM