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Burbank Water & Power to Install Sixteen Publicly Available Electric Vehicle Charging Ports

Burbank, California (April 27, 2021) — Burbank Water & Power (BWP) in partnership with the Community Development and Public Works Department are excited to announce that 16 publicly available electric vehicle (EV) charging ports will be constructed in the Community Services Building parking lot nearest the intersection of Olive Avenue an Glenoaks Boulevard.

Construction, to be done by Video Voice Data LLC, is scheduled to begin May 3, 2021, lasting five weeks. The parking lot where construction will take place will be closed during the ongoing construction. City staff, library patrons, and all other visitors can use nearby public parking lots in the area.

The parking lot will be partially open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays during regular public parking hours (see image below for parking alternatives).

The installation of these 16 EV charging ports are part of BWP's goal to install 24 publicly available EV charging ports during the fiscal year 2020/21. Other ongoing installations include six curbside EV charger ports at N. Hollywood Way near Victory Blvd., N. Buena Vista St. adjacent to the Buena Vista Library, and W. Alameda Ave. near S. Main St., and four EV charger ports in the BWP Lake Street parking lot.

"The construction and installation of the 16 EV charger ports at the Community Services Building is an exciting site because it meets three key community needs including, workplace charging, public charging for visitors to Downtown Burbank, and residents living within walking distance,” said BWP General Manager Dawn Roth Lindell. “People who live in multi-unit dwellings often have the highest barriers to EV adoption given the lack of available EV charging stations."

For more information about this project and construction, please contact Drew Kidd at 818-238-3653.



Published on: April 27, 2021
09:39 AM