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COVID-19 Close Contact

Burbank, CA (July 15, 2022) - The purpose of this notification is to inform you that based on the Los Angeles County definition of “close contact,” you may have been exposed to COVID-19 if you were in attendance at the City of Burbank, Council Meeting in City Hall Council Chambers on Tuesday, July 12, 2022. “Close contact” means sharing the same indoor airspace with someone with COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more in a 24-hour period during the contagious period.

The contagious period for the COVID-19 case was between 7/12/2022-7/13/2022. Pursuant to Los Angeles County orders and the City’s COVID-19 policies, you do not need to quarantine, but you are required to wear a mask at all times for the next ten days starting 7/13/2022 and closely monitor yourself for symptoms.

Published on: July 18, 2022
02:21 PM