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Extended Nomination Period for Burbank 2022 General Municipal Election

BURBANK, CA. (August 12, 2022) – The Nomination Period for the City of Burbank November 8, 2022 General Municipal Election which opened July 18, 2022, and closed August 12, 2022, to fill three (3) Offices for Member of the City Council, one (1) Office of the City Clerk, and one (1) Office of the City Treasurer for a full four-year term ending on December 14, 2026, has been extended pursuant to California Elections Code Section 10225, “if Nomination Papers for an incumbent officer of the city are not filed by or on the 88th day before the election, during normal business hours, as posted, the voters shall have until the 83rd day before the election during normal business hours, as posted, to nominate candidates other than the person who was the incumbent on the 88th day, for that incumbent’s elective office.” Therefore, the Nomination Period for the below seats only in which an incumbent did not file has been extended through Wednesday, August 17, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. The incumbent who did not file Nomination Papers is as follows:

City Council – Council Member Robert “Bob” Frutos 
                       Council Member Jess A. Talamantes

City Clerk – City Clerk Zizette Mullins

For more information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office
City Hall, 275 East Olive Ave., First Floor, Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 238-5851 or

Published on: August 12, 2022
04:00 PM