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Heat Advisory

The City of Burbank would like to remind everyone to avoid strenuous activity during mid-day heat, if you have to be outdoors during the day utilize as much shade as possible and wear a hat. If indoors, close shades or drapes to limit sunlight heating the interior and utilize air conditioning if possible; if you do not have access to air conditioning, visit the mall, theater or libraries to stay cool.

Wear loose, lightweight, breathable clothing.

Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Check on family members, older adults and neighbors who may be vulnerable during the heat.

Do not forget about pets; have plenty of water for pets, if pets are outside make sure they have access to good shade and plenty of cool water to drink (asphalt and pavement can be very hot on your pet’s feet and can cause injuries).

As a further reminder, Burbank libraries can be utilized during business hours as a place to cool off and enjoy your favorite book. Click the link to see our libraries' business hours https://bit.ly/3L9u35s



Published on: July 05, 2024
02:26 PM